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Giving your home interior a new look can prove difficult, especially if you have a limited budget. Fortunately, we have a way to give your interior a look you desire even on a budget. We will share the secrets of transforming your home without breaking the bank. We have simple DIY solutions for you, from adding pillows to treating hardwood floors and applying a fresh coat of paint. Professionals know about your home’s strength and how to make it look appealing. Here we will share DIY tips from expert home stagers to modernize your home interior.


If you have a yard or garden, bringing some greenery from outside to the interior will give an immediate transformation. This step is also a budget-friendly option without the need for interior design expertise. Bring some houseplants and put them in water to bring life to any space. You can also add magnolia branches, philodendrons, Africa iris grass, holly trees, sago palm, and ferns as an addition to other houseplants. The idea here is to brighten the look and make the air fresh with some vegetation. Greenery always looks appealing, and adding that to your rooms or living area will make it worthwhile.


The next tip is to spread light and neutral colors to the walls. Stick to beige and grey color, especially on the ground floor where the flow is essential. Neutral colors give you flexibility in decorating and allows you to match accessories accordingly. The best way to follow the tip is to have outdated decorations removed or keep them in storage units. Select a neutral color and experiment on the space until you get the right palette. If you have adjacent rooms, painting them with the same color adds a larger feel and appeal. Your goal is to minimize jarring transitions, and neutral colors will help you attain that subtle variation you need.


Hang mirrors in every room (at least one) as they make the room brighter by bouncing the light around. Do take care in the placement of a mirror, or else it will lose its purpose and look bad. Put the mirrors perpendicular from the walls and not directly in front. Hanging a mirror in front will make the light bounce back from the window. Perpendicularly placed mirrors make the light turn sideways and light the entire room.


Have three-layered lights in every room. The first light is ambient that comes from ceilings or fixtures, and provides illumination to a place. The next is a task that is a part of kitchen nook and accent, which is more decorative and artistic style. Use at least 3 watts (42 lumens) light in the room and use up lights as a lighting trick. The tip works by having a torchiere or a light canister in the corner facing upwards. The light will cast a glow on the ceiling and make the room look bigger and brighter.


If your interior does not have any leftover space for a reading nook, use your living room for double duty. Design your living area to serve as a cozy reading nook or lounge area. Choose fabric and furniture strategically that complements the colors while looking sophisticated and homey. This small comfortable space will work wonders for entertainment or unwinding alone. Add beauty to the areas with some lights and furniture matching rugs. You can also use a beanbag to add a trendy and youthful look to space.


Suppose you have an empty fireplace that you do not plan to use for some time. Then you have a perfect place to try another DIY tip. You can place pottery and artwork to transform the area into a mini art gallery. The addition of such features will give that place a texture-rich environment that looks appealing and modern.


Magazines and books are not only useful for knowledge; they can also give your interior a decent, modern look. You can build a DIY structure like a bookshelf or cabinet for books and various magazines. The key to achieving the look is to extend the structure from the floor to the ceiling. A shelf that expands to an entire wall looks expensive and modern than the one standing alone. Spend a weekend with an idea and then convert it into your DIY structure.


Giving your home a modern look depends on the passion you have for the process. DIY is a challenge that you need to take if you want to transform your interior’s look. The tips mentioned will serve as guidelines to inspire your ideas and make your dreams a reality.

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