Looking at a garden will make our mood better. People wish to have a garden in their homes, and some can’t afford it. They need a backyard to build a dreamy garden. What do you think of someone who lives in a tiny apartment? Can he make a garden? Yes, he can have a garden in a small form. A tabletop garden with succulents, herbs, or even cacti is beautiful. We have gathered DIY tabletop garden ideas. Check them out further below, and have a great gardening time!

Recycled Spice Shaker Terrariums

Recycled spice shaker terrariums


A tiny garden with terrariums looks perfect for your desk. It gives you a green view among other plastic or wire things around. Designing a small garden is not tricky at all. You only need to feel a mason jar, or as much as you want, with some soils, pebbles, sands, and plants.  

Light Bulb Terrarium

Don’t throw away an old light bulb. If you get a bulb that can not switch on anymore, use it to make a tiny garden. Take the light inside! Then, clean up the bulb! Fill it with soils, sands, pebbles, and plants. See more instructions here. Making this terrarium will be easier if you have the supplies and tools already in your hands.

DIY Loving Leafy Greens

It is the dreamy tiny garden ever! Look at the terrariums that grow well in a glass. You can use an old mason jar, bowl, or wine glass. We love how the owner arranges all the terrariums artistically. You can do so for your desk. 

A Tiny Terrarium Garden on the Desk

You can make a tiny garden with a wooden base. It brings such a modern look. This garden has a simple look and trendy style. It will grab anyone’s attention. Designing it is super easy. You only need to make the wooden base and attach it to the glass. Click here to see more about how to make it. 

DIY Miniature Rain Forest

Let us make a simple miniature rain forest. You will need a bottle. Add on soil, gravel, charcoal, and tropical plants inside. Then, you will get a new rainforest on the desk. You can ask your kids to make it with you.

Wine Glass Terrarium

Wonderful! A tiny garden will not just be a dream. You can make it soon using an old wine glass. Gardening within a small space is so challenging. Why don’t you try it soon? 

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