Hot weather calls for a fun and colorful design. You can bring them for anything. Not only for decoration but also for your fashion. The easiest way is to color your nails. You can apply a summer theme for your nail art ideas. The DIY summer nail art ideas are a good idea for you. Some of summer themed nail art ideas you can do yourself. You can choose the motifs according to your taste. There are wide summer nail art styles that you can choose from. You’ll find that summer nail art is so easy!

For a trendy DIY summer nail art look, tie-dye prints are the perfect way to show off your personality. This look is both fun and affordable. You can make a variety of colors using different techniques, such as dipping your nails in lavender water or applying nail polish in multiple colors. Peachy apricot tones are one of the hottest nail color trends for summer. Another popular summer nail design is the color block look. Mixing vibrant pop colors with natural tones creates an elegant and playful look. This design also works well with polka dots, geometric shapes, and other combinations. Moreover, you can also use floral or fruity designs for your DIY nail art ideas. Whatever your style, these ideas are sure to be a hit. Here are references for you.

Tropical Fingertips  from stylemotivation 

Neons Rainbow  from stylemotivation  Floral Manicure  from stylemotivation  Pastel Color Flower Tips  from stylemotivation  Pressed Flower Manicure  from stylemotivation Rainbow Drops  from stylemotivation 

Pastel Marble from stylemotivation

Fresh Fruit Nail Art from elle  Monstera Nail Art from elle 
Jungle Nail Art from elle
Pastel Color Nail Art from elle Sunrise Nail Art from elle Purple Color Nail Art from elle Hot Pink from elle Nighttime Garden from elle Colorful Graphic Design from elle Two-Tone Nails  from elle

Blues Nail Art from elle

Peaches Nail Art from diys Colorblock Nail Art from diys Swirl Design from diys Red, White, and Blue Glitter Nails from diys Tiled Nail Art from diys Blush Marble Nail Art from diys Color Drops Nail Art from diys
Pink an Purple Summer Nail Art from diys Abstract Blues Nails Art from diysTape Nail Art from diys

Silver Linings from diys

DIY Lady Bug Nail Art from diycraftsy DIY Nail Art Tape from diycraftsy

DIY Pink Strawberry Nail Art  from diycraftsy

Summer Daisy Flower Nail Art from deavita Daisy Nail Art from deavita

Peach Daisy Flower Nail Art from deavita

Tiny Butterflies Nails from glamour Bright Rainbow Mani  from glamour Cherries Nails from glamour Strawberry Nails  from glamour Color Melt Nails  from glamour
Hearts Nail  from glamour Cartoon Clouds  from glamour Bright Stars   from glamour Butterflies Nail Art from glamour

Shimmering Swirls Nails from glamour

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