Do you still have the time to make crafts with your kids this summer? Ask them to make some things related to a beach. They will love making characters from their favorite movie. You don’t have to do something tricky. The materials used in making DIY summer crafts for kids are affordable. We have gathered DIY paper crafts that you and your kids can make in summer while waiting for the school day comes again. Check them out further!

DIY Pikachu Coaster And Cup Warmer

Diy pikachu coaster and cup warmer


You might not know about Pikachu, but your kids recognize it well. Pikachu has a cute face that any kid will love. Making a coaster and cup warmer for them with the Pikachu character is fun and easy. You will need felt, glue, and scissors. 

Cool Spider Wall Art Craft For Kids

Look at the spider! It is so cute. We can make this with our kids on a summer day. Prepare a sheet of thick paper. Then, draw a spider’s home with a paintbrush. You will need colorful paints to make a cute home. While you are waiting for the paint to dry, make the spider. Make a pom from brown yarn. Then, add the googly eyes and legs. Attach the spider to the painting using glue.

Ocean-Inspired Origami Interactive Paper Crafts

Make something sea-inspired with your kids. Pick up a sheet of blue origami paper. Make a sea texture by cutting it. Then, make the fishes with other origami sheets. Cut some circles and triangles to make them. Attach the fishes to the sea. It is an easy peasy project. You can finish in minutes with your kids.

DIY Underwater Puppet Theater

Make the underwater puppet theater from old things in your home. You will need a cereal box, bottle cups, some ribbons, glue, origami paper, and scissors. First, you have to make the theater using a cereal box. Cut the center out. Then, attach the decoration made of origami paper. Create the jellyfish using an old cup bottle. Make a hole and add the thin ribbon at the bottom of it. You can follow more instructions here.

DIY Salt Dough Fish Sun Catchers

First, shape the dough you have in a fish shape. Then, bake it at 250 degrees Fahrenheit. Paint them with acrylic paint in any color you like. Cover it with glue and attach the sequins as many as you like. Add googly eyes to make it more alive using glue. Customize the design you want more!



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