When you want to display your home accents or other collections, you need a unit shelving. Most people will install contemporary shelves or the modern one. However, there are some people that love industrial touches as well. They tend to choose industrial shelves that can be made and less budget. To build industrial shelves, they will need pipes and dark wooden boards. Let see our ideas below about industrial shelves that you can make this week.

DIY Bathroom Storage

Diy bathroom storage

These simple pipes shelves look nice to hang on the bathroom wall. Make sure that you cut the pipe in the right measurement. So, the shelves look so clean and tidy. Arrange any bathroom essential on the shelves.

Metal Hanging Shelves

Metal hanging shelves

Look at these shelves made of metals. By repurposing metal building supplies, you will get these amazing industrial shelves’ appearance. Add some feminine accents to soften this dark shelves like a pot of pink flowers, a pitch picture, and a green plant.

Freestanding Industrial Shelves

Freestanding industrial shelves

If you have a large space, it will better for you to build these freestanding industrial shelves. Out on heavier things like books, lamps, or others in these freestanding shelves. Even, you are pleased to store some wine bottles here.

Industrial Wall Storage

Industrial wall storage

Wrap the plumbing around these shelves will give you a new shelving unit. Put on some home accents to display them. In this picture, the owner of the house shows us books, a galvanized bucket, industrial accents, a standing clock, and soon that so beautiful.

Well-built Industrial Shelves

Well-built industrial shelves

Rather than wrapping the plumbing fixtures, the creator of these industrial shelves chooses another option. See how the plumbing fixtures are fed through the wood that makes these so stunning. The owner also gets more durable shelves in this way.

Lighter Industrial Shelves

Lighter industrial shelves

When usually industrial shelves appear in the dark tones, you can try the lighter one. These industrial shelves look more interesting with light wooden boards. Feel free to apply these shelves for any home decor.


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