Studs are versatile for almost any fashion item. Started from pants, shirts, bags, collars, cuffs, or anything. Creating studded fashion times will not be hard. Furthermore, you don’t have to spend a lot of money as you can make the DIY fashion. Buy studs from a craft store. Then, use them to improve your fashion style. Studded things will never go out of date. In this section, we have gathered DIY studded projects to inspire you. Check them out further below and choose one or more to make soon.

Cool Studded Necklace

Cool studded necklace


A studded necklace will make you look more stylish. Furthermore, this jewelry item will never go out of date. Even if the season changes, you still can wear this for everyday style. Using some studs with a chain for creating a necklace is awesome.

DIY Studded Backpack

Do you have an old backpack that still looks good now? What about adding studs to it? The backpack you have will appear more eye-catching. In this picture, we see a white backpack that is upgraded well with golden studs. You can do so for your own back with other stud styles.

DIY Studded Phone Case

It looks so glam. Adding some studs and rhinestones will upgrade your old phone case. Just attach some studs and rhinestones using glue. Customize the pattern and color you like. This simple craft will need less than an hour. Even, a beginner will do it in minutes. It looks so nice to use this phone case for going to a party.

DIY Studded Leather Clutch

Adding studs to a leather clutch will be a great thing. You don’t have to buy a new clutch. Just improve it with the studs you like. Feel free to customize the stud style you like for your clutch. No matter how old your clutch is, the studs will upgrade its level.

DIY Studded Cape

Renew your old cape with studs this week! We believe you can finish this project in less than an hour. Attach the studs one by one to your cape. You don’t need to buy a new cape to look stylish, right? This is a great way to save your budget for fashion.


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