One of the Christmas ornaments that always be in Holiday is a star. This popular ornament looks awesome to be put at the top of a Christmas tree. Further, it will be great as well to add more stars to your Christmas decor in other parts like windows, walls, or doors. Creating your own star will add an interesting part that tells us more about the Holiday feel. In this article, we will give you inspiring DIY stars that complete your Christmas decor.

Wooden Bead Star-Shaped For Christmas

Wooden bead star-shaped for christmas

Stars from woods are possible to make. Further, it will appear so eye-catching to hang on the wall. Look at this picture that shows us that wood will make our room gets a Nordic feel without spending more money.

Christmas Clay Star DIY

Christmas clay star diy

There are two Christmas clay star shapes here that you can make to improve your home decoration. We love the glitter one that will sparkle in the dark. Furthermore, the red-painted one will appear so trendy throughout the day of Christmas. Combine both is a great decision.

Colorful Sequin Star Christmas Ornament

Colorful sequin star christmas ornament

Add a touch of glamour feels to upgrade your Christmas tree decor this year. Creating this colorful sequin Christmas ornament is not a hard project to do. Just collect sequins as many as needed and adhere them to get a star shape by using hot glue. Use this for completing your Christmas tree decor.

White Embossed Clay Star Christmas Ornaments

White embossed clay star christmas ornaments

Get this white embossed clay star for Christmas decor to attain a dramatic decor. Look at the patterns that are so elegant to complete your gift topper. Feel free to hang some stars with blue ribbons in a Christmas tree as well. Anyone will love to see the stars.

Christmas Star Ornaments Of Tetrapaks

Christmas star ornaments of tetrapaks

What a nice project that easy to make! Even, you can ask your kids for making this amazing craft too. Christmas star ornaments of Tetrapaks will never out of date. You can reuse this again and again for other seasons.

Rustic Star Christmas Ornament

Rustic star christmas ornament

This twine star will give your Christmas tree a new look. It has a rustic feeling that works well with the glittered star. Having this star will remind us about the beauty of togetherness. We love how the creator combines the stars perfectly.

Chalkboard Star Christmas Ornaments

Chalkboard star christmas ornaments

Chalkboard is easy to craft for almost anything. You can write any message on its surface. First of all, you need to buy clays and shape them into stars. Then, take chalk and write your Christmas message in each star.

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