Is there any empty space in your room? It will be much better to use it for a working space. Build your own home office will be a great idea. Then, you need a standing desk to get a comfy space to work. You can buy it in the nearest store or make it by yourself. In this article, we are going to show you DIY furniture especially standing desk ideas that easy to make and affordable. Let us check them out further below!

L-shaped Standing Desk

L-shaped standing desk


You can get this desk for your or your kids’ room. With this L-shaped standing desk, the room looks tidier and saves space. You can arrange your books on it as well. Then, make sure that you add stools to sit.

DIY Cool Standing Desk

Feel free to put this awesome DIY standing desk in your room or outside. Look at the shape that modern and chic. However, it will need a large space as well. Don’t worry! You can customize the size and color as you wish.

DIY Standing Desk For Working

You can attain this DIY standing desk for under $25. Cool, isn’t it? It has a space to keep your computer keyboard and monitor. Furthermore, there is a space to put on your laptop. This is a pretty functional standing desk that anyone needs.

Sleek Standing Desk

This desk provides more drawers to save your things. Moreover, you can see there is a shelf that full of office tools, can’t you? The creator makes this functional standing desk for several hours. The looks very attractive and chic to any room style.

DIY Ladder Standing Desk

If you want to have a unique standing desk that affordable to make today, you can see this picture. It is made of a ladder that painted well in white. You need to attach boards on the stage to get the desk you want. Feel free to put it anywhere in your room.

Bookcase Standing Desk DIY

Look at this super easy standing desk that anyone can afford soon. If you don’t prepare anything but wish to have a desk, try this idea. Just turn your bookcase to a simple standing desk. You need not do anything just put on your computers and other supplies on the top of the bookcase.

Cardboard Standing Desk DIY

Isn’t awesome? You can move or save this cardboard standing desk DIY anywhere. There are no hard things to do. You only need to shape your cardboard to look like a desk.

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