How many sneakers do you have? Do they look similar? Makeover sneakers by painting or adding new accessories will spruce them up. It is almost anyone who has sneakers. Sneakers are versatile to wear for every moment. You can wear them for a summer party, traveling, or even casual everyday style. In this article, we are going to show DIY sneakers makeover that you can do at home. Check out our list below and get more inspiration to improve your sneakers!

DIY Sneakers Makeover with Red Paints

Diy sneakers makeover with red paints

Have you ever wanted to spruce up your Calvin Klein sneakers? Well… in this picture, we see cool Calvin Klein sneakers that have been painted well in red and black. Sure, you don’t need to cover up the logo. Painting the sneakers is a super easy thing but gives you a cool result.

DIY Cloudy Color Sneakers

Diy cloudy color sneakers

It is not just for old sneakers, even new shoes can be painted well in cloudy colors. This project might need several minutes to make, but you will love the look of your sneakers. White, blue, light blue, pink, and other vibrant colors for the clouds are awesome. If you want to upgrade your style, wearing these sneakers is just one of the simple ways.

Attractive Doodling Patterns On The Sneakers

Attractive doodling patterns on the sneakers

These sneakers are awesome with purple and blue on the doodling pattern. If you love something more artistic for your shoes, these ways might be one of the best things to do. Painting and spraying sneakers aren’t hard projects. Even, a beginner can do this in less than an hour. Upgrade your old sneakers in this way will make them look brand new.

DIY Embroidery Sneakers

Diy embroidery sneakers

If you want to add more feminine touches with colorful flowers, embroidery sneakers might the best idea. If you are an embroidery crafter, this is not a hard project for you. First of all, draw the patterns. Use embroidery floss and threads to make awesome DIY embroidery sneakers. You are free to customize the pattern you like.

Ombre Style Sneakers

Ombre style sneakers

Changing the color of your sneakers will make them more eye-catching. Ombre style sneakers aren’t just to improve your style but give new look to the sneakers. Instead of buying new ombre-style sneakers, spraying your old ones with those colors is much better.

DIY Sneakers with Straps

Diy sneaker with strap

It’s time to upgrade your old sneakers. White sneakers will look more eye-catching with denim straps. Furthermore, they become special with your personal touches. Wearing sneakers for spring and summer everyday style is cool.




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