If you are not interested so much anymore to see the big fire pit you may try the small ones. Here we show you the mini fire pit is enough to warm you up yet big on adding decoration touch. All the ideas are already collected on DIY Simple And Warm DIY Mini Tabletop Fire Pit That Perfect For Small Spaces.

Tabletop Terracotta Fire Pit

This idea is easy, inexpensive, and perfect as a warming tabletop fire pit to enjoy this season every time. The supplies you need Terra Cotta Pot, aluminum foil, charcoal, charcoal lighter fluid, and lighter.

DIY Flaming Fire Pit

Diy flamming fire pit DIY Simple And Warm DIY Mini Tabletop Fire Pit That Perfect For Small Spaces

This is for your expression of conjure up a festive mood. This outdoor fire bowl made of a painted galvanized bowl, recycle tempered glass chips, a can, and alcohol-free gel fuel. Moreover, with only a click of a lighter then the flame will dance and enchant for hours.

Cheap Personal Fire Pit

This cheap personal fire pit is perfect for your seating space. Besides, this fire pit is also easy and inexpensive to make. In addition, it also adds a touch of décor for your home this winter. Thus, the materials you need for this project are silicon, cheap glass frames, small rocks, metal mesh, gel fuel, and metal planter with lip (edge). Here, you can have your mini fire pit but enough to warm you up this season.

DIY Concrete Tiki Torch

This one is pretty unique and eye-catching to put on your patio or picnic table. The supplies you need for this project are easy to find. There are a concrete mix, tiki canister, PVC pipe, silicon, and paint.

Concrete Fire Bowl

If you are a beginner at a DIY project, this idea would be your hand. This is a kind of an easy process that adds a great tabletop decoration. The materials and steps you need are two bowls (big and small), non-stick spray to coat the bowls, concrete mix and put it on the larger bowl, then insert small bowl, and weigh down. Let sit overnight so you can take the smaller bowl then you will have the perfect bowl shape. Fill the bowl with metal mesh, rocks, and gel fuel.

DIY Indoor Glass Bowl Tabletop Fire Pit

If you are looking for a mini-indoor fire pit then this could be your option to try. This fire pit made of a mini bowl, metal mesh, and gel fuel will keep your lounge warm and shiny.  Besides, it will also play a perfect role in your living room decoration.

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