A good side table is an indispensable companion to your favorite sofa, reading chair, and living space. You can pull it close to get some work done, stage a lamp, or set down your drink. Here is the inspiration for DIY furniture especially side table ideas to suit your space and win your heart.

DIY Concrete Side Table Or Stool

Diy concrete side table or stool Suit DIY Side Table Ideas To Win Your Heart


This side table has a metallic top that can be made for about $15. The supplies you need to create this project are a cardboard concrete form, a 5-gallon bucket, a bag of quick-setting concrete, a few other odds and ends to make a sturdy piece. It is hollow on the inside but looks completely solid. Besides, it works captivating either indoors and outdoors.

DIY Acrylic And Brass Side Table

Diy acrylic and brass side table Suit DIY Side Table Ideas To Win Your Heart


It is a combination idea of an old television tray base and a new acrylic serving tray. Thus, ut creates a beautiful combination of a modern side table that feels so airy. The brass is trendy while incorporating warm metals at home. Moreover, the transparent tabletop is also visually taking up little space.  Therefore,  you can see a perfect choice piece for small or cluttered rooms.

DIY Studded Tree Stump Side Table

When you cut down a tree, do not forget to use the tree stump for beautiful decorating purposes. This is repurposing of a stylish and affordable side table with a coat of your favorite paint color. You may also add more visual interest by adding a band of decorative studs.

Simple DIY Ikea Hack Side Table

Adding four small legs to the base to give more height to DIY Ikea side table is one of the simplest ways in creating perfect side table for your living space  Then, it can double as a bar cart or a bedside table, it offers plenty of storage space on top and in the middle area.

DIY Record Side Table

This project can be a piece to show off your love of vinyl. You can create an affordable and hop side table with a record and a plant stand. All the materials for this table might only cost you under $10.

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