After having fun on a beach, people usually collect some seashells. Then, what do they do with them? Seashells are versatile. We can find them used for making decorative items. However, they are great for accessories or jewelry items. With unique shapes, seashells will show their characters. They will remind us of the beauty of beaches and give us a beach feeling. We have gathered DIY seashell earrings that you can make in minutes. All of them are easy and affordable.

DIY Seashell Studded Earrings

Diy seashell studded earrings


We can make studded earrings from seashells. Nothing hard to do. You have to choose two similar seashells. Clean and dry them. Paint them with water-based paints. Add flat pad studded earrings by attaching them to the seashells using glue. Make as many pairs of earrings as you want. You can give seashell earrings to your best friend.

DIY Seashells Hoop Earrings

Who doesn’t want to wear these earrings? You can DIY seashell hoop earrings in minutes if you have all the tools and supplies. You will need base earrings, jump rings, seashells, and hoops. Check out more about how to make it from Sweetteal. It will be much better to make seashell hoop earrings rather than buying them at the store.

DIY Seashells Earrings with Spirals

It will be a fun DIY project you can do on the weekend. You will need seashells, jump rings, small pliers, a drill and drill bit, and base earrings for shells. First, you have to make a hole in the seashell. Second, attach the jump ring to the seashell. Then, to the spiral, and the base earring. Easy, right? You can finish a pair of these earrings in less than an hour.

DIY Dangling Shell Earrings

What do you think of this? Wearing a pair of gold dangling shell earrings will be so admiring. You will look so pretty every day with them. Oh, you can also wear them for going to a party. Then, see how people adore your style.

Stunning Dangle Seashell

You can make a pair of stunning dangle seashells soon with your hand. These will add nautical touches to any outfit. Look at the gold accents on the drop seashells that are so gorgeous. Whether you want to wear them to spruce up your style or give them to your best friend, these earrings are more than just beautiful. They work well with anything you wear.





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