Are you looking for a saving money technique to dry your clothes? Here we have gorgeous ideas to let you build your clothesline as your DIY project. All the ideas are collected DIY Saving Money Ideas Of Clothesline To Hang Dry Your Clothes.

Pretty Little Clothesline

This is the example of a traditional gorgeous clothesline style. It appears where they went with two wooden posts in the ground in your outdoor. After that, hung a clothesline in between. Besides, you can add a basket to hold clothespins at one then a flower basket to the other end.

The Country Clothesline

The country clothesline DIY Saving Money Ideas Of Clothesline To Hang Dry Your Clothes


This clothesline has a gorgeous detail with the white color. It is definitely a picture of highlight in a yard.

Trellis Clothesline

This trellis clothesline is not only helping you to get your cloth dry but also lets the free plans grow. Obviously, the basic wood there looks so clean and fresh.

The Invisible Clothesline

This DIY invisible clothesline has a clothesline that hanging between two planters right outside after the kitchen window. It shows you a great neat clothesline idea.

Crib Spring Drying Rack

This is one of the ways to repurpose a crib spring that you may not be using anymore. Just paint it in any color you love. After that, hang the crib drying rack from the ceiling. Last, you can just simply hang the clothes.

Garden Glove Drying Rack

You will probably need a space to dry smaller outdoor items like this. Then this garden glove drying rack is a good way to go. You will only need a board and a couple of pieces of string to hang the garden gloves from.

The Unique Clotheshorse

The unique clotheshorse DIY Saving Money Ideas Of Clothesline To Hang Dry Your Clothes


This unique clotheshorse is really unique yet modern in appearance. It looks like a shape of cactus slightly. It has five lines that always use to dry your clothes.

Fence Clothesline

It is an easy clothesline design when you have a privacy fence in your yard. You can just build the clothesline to where it pops off the fence then hang your clothes.

Simple drying rack

This simple drying rack is great to add to any laundry room. You may use the wooden slab to attach to the ceiling. It serves you an easy to use, easy to reach, and a space saver drying rack.

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