Where do you want to go? And, what sandals to wear today? We get plenty of natural light in summer. Walking around the beach, seeing sunrise and sunset, or just playing with kids in a garden will be nice. Choose the most comfortable pair of sandals to enjoy every summer day. Thousands of sandals you can choose from the stores. However, they could be expensive. In this article, we have gathered DIY sandals to inspire you. See further, find cheap and easy DIY sandals to make soon below!

Modern Huarache Sandals

Modern huarache sandals


Do you see the sandals? You can make a pair of sandals by hand. Prepare the supplies like scissors, a sharp knife, a poster board, and a lighter. Start to make the sandals by trying your foot. Don’t forget to add room for movement. Cut out the pattern that you have made. Then, make a hole. Then, attach the straps.

DIY Easy Ribbon Sandals

These sandals are perfect for women. You will need flip-flops, ribbons, and scissors to make them. Start by cutting the rubber straps. Then, add loops and finish them by attaching the ribbon straps. This project will only need less than an hour. But, you will get a new pair of sandals with beautiful ribbon straps.

DIY Raffia Sandals

What a beautiful pair of sandals! Anyone will love wearing them for going to hang out or other casual styles. You will need a thread, tan leather, Renia Aquilim, leather shears, and soal. Begin with making the braids. Then, shape the sole. Sew the soles and stitch them together. Attach the braids to the side surface and make the straps.

DIY Wooden Sandals

Prepare the supplies like wood planks and leather belts. You will need cutting tools, wood glue, sandpaper, and a sole. Start with tracing the sole on the wood. Then, cut it out. Smooth the upper surface. After all, attach the stripes. After all, attach the stripes. This project is so cheap. You don’t need a penny to make a pair of sandals like these.

DIY Tire Sandals

Tire sandals are great to wear outside. Walking around the beach or breaking through the rain, these sandals are what you need to wear. They keep your foot well in almost any condition. Making them will require a tire, chisel, knife, ruler, bicycle inner tube, shoe goo, drill, and saw. Follow more instructions here.

DIY Slip Sandals from Shoes

Old shoes with lace and a razor are perfect for DIY sandals. Cut the heels, toes, and laces. Then, the sandals are ready to wear. Make sure that you cut them carefully to get the best design.

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