What is your floor pattern? Is it enough to make your house more interesting? Oh, it might you need other elements to spruce up your empty floor. What about rugs? Yes, buying a rug will spend a lot of money depending on the shape, material, and size. However, you don’t have to worry. We can make DIY rugs with affordable materials that anyone can do. Furthermore, it will add your personal touches and be cheap. Check out our ideas below!

DIY Round Old T-Shirt Rug

Diy round old t-shirt rug


How many T-shirts do you have? All of them that are not used anymore can be repurposed to a more functional thing. Rather than throwing them away, it can be better for you to make a DIY round old t-shirt rug. You need to prepare, scissors, thread, and a hoop to make a rug like this picture.

DIY Simple Sisal Rug

When you need a new rug but don’t want to spend much money. This DIY sisal rug will give you all you need. Find the materials easily at the craft store or garage sale. Then, make the rug. It will give a rustic feeling to your home decor as well. What you need to prepare is a sisal rope and hot glue.

DIY No Sew Rabbit Rug

What do you think about this rug? It looks so cute for your nursery room, right? No need to sew. First of all, you have to buy faux fur fabric or other materials you like. Then, print the rabbit shape from the internet into paper. Trace the rabbit template on the faux fur. Easy, right?

DIY Rug From Old Bedding

To make a DIY rug with cheap materials, you need to be more creative. Look at this rug that made of an old bedsheet. Prepare a bed sheet with any color and design of your choice. Then, get an anti rug slip mat, or a latch rug canvas. Cut the bed sheet by using fabric scissors and attach them to the anti rug slip.

DIY Unicorn Rug

Here is another pretty rug for your kids’ room. It is made of a faux fur fabric that cut in unicorn shape. Feel free to customize the size and color. This pretty rug is easy to make and will be finished in less than an hour. Even, a beginner can do this project quickly.

DIY Pom Pom Rug

Make the pom-poms and unite them to get a cute rug like this picture. This rug looks interesting for your nursery room or any place you want. Feel free to customize the size, color, and shape. Have fun!



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