Kitchen utensils are items that should be in the kitchen. From whisk to strainer, ladle to spatula and various other utensil, those are the weapon we use when cooking. The number of existing utensils sometimes causes chaos and difficulty when searching for it in drawers. But by making a rotating hanging shelf you can easily find it, plus it makes your kitchen more organized.

How can we survive from this mess? Seeing this muddle, make cooking became a tough activity. We need an efficient storage to sort out this mess.

To makeĀ a rotary rack, we need lazy susan. It is inexpensive and easily to get, go get one in your closest hardware store.

Another thing you need is a board. You can use MDF, Plywood, melamine wood or solid wood, anything you can easily get around you. Cut it into a square or a circle. If you use a round piece of wood, you have to drill holes in it right above the holes in the lazy susan hardware in order to attach it to the bottom of the cabinet. Paint the board according to your favorite color or using ones that matches your kitchen color palette.

Attach the lazy susan hardware to the back of the board.

Add some hooks. You can also paint these hooks or leave them as original, the choice is yours.

Hang under the cabinet using a 1/2 inch screws. Make sure you hang it properly so that the rack can withstand the load.

Viola!! Now we ow we have the storage of cookware that is easily accessible. If you are looking for a tool, you can easily turn it around to find it.

Now there are no more messy drawers or drawers that take place on the table. So let’s explore the recipe more often.


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