Short space is becoming modern people’s problem nowadays. The increasing population causes space problems. Then, we are rare to build a big house. Tiny houses with more than one floor are a trend right now. Minimalist designs with open layout styles are what people should get. Then, we need room dividers to differentiate each space in our house. We have collected DIY decorative room divider ideas to refresh our environment. Check out!

DIY Lighted Room Divider

Diy lighted room divider


It will be frustrating to buy room divides if we have no budget plan. What about creating a DIY lighted room divider? It will cost cheaper than buying them from the store. First, create the frames. Then, sanding and sealing the frames to make them more appealing. Attach the lights and finish by adding the fabric. 

DIY Macrame Room Divider

This attractive room divider is easy to make. You can use weaving skills to make this awesome DIY product. Show your creativity and make a cool DIY macrame room divider. Customize the sizes and colors you like. You can use this divider for any space in your home. It will make it chicer.

DIY Plant Room Divider

Make your room more stylish with this plant room divider. You can make it soon without many tools. Make the frame. Then, hang some plants on the frame. Those plants will refresh the environment, produce fresh air, and improve your decor. If you wish for a place with a more natural feeling, this room divider might interest you.

DIY Attractive Room Divider Wall

Enhance your home’s environment with this simple room divider wall. Use some wooden planks. Tie them one by one to the pipes using a rope. Make them stronger with glue. So, your divider will be more durable. It will not only for a private space but also a decorative look. Cool, isn’t it?

DIY Folding Screen Room Divider

Not only to divide the room in your home but also a partition. This simple DIY project will eventually change the decoration. Make the frames by using wood boards, and cutting them out. Then, attach white fabric for each frame. Customize the sizes and colors you like. 

DIY Geometric Room Divider

A small space needs a room divider to define the private area. Make this geometric room divider with wood boards. You need at least basic woodworking skills to make this DIY geometric room divider. It might need several hours, but the result will never make you disappointed.


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