We might find people in this world wearing multiple earrings on their fingers. Sure, it is not a problem. Feel free to mix and match your earring for your fingers especially in Boho style. However, it will need more rings. Buying a high-quality ring will cost much. Moreover, not all rings will fit your finger size. Why don’t you make your own rings? You can make your own DIY Boho accessories instead of buying new rings, create them will give you more personal touches. Let us see our DIY rings below!

Beautiful Ring DIY

Beautiful ring diy


This dual-bead ring will never go out of date. Look at the double-ended approach that looks so sophisticated for your beautiful finger. This simple ring will work well for any moment. You can wear it every day as well.

Elastic Ring For Any Finger Size

This ring will make your kids look beautiful. The elastic style works better for any finger size. So, you don’t have to decide the size because it can go wider with a larger finger. Furthermore, this ring is safe for kids and adults.

Delicate Beaded Ring

Prepare a beading thread and a beading needle to make this awesome delicate beaded ring. Feel free to customize the material colors as you like. However, it will be much better to choose neutral colors to get it fit for any moment.

Gorgeous Colorful Ring

The one who loves bohemian might interest in this gorgeous colorful ring. This ring will work well with other rings. If you want to wear multiple rings today, make sure that this Czech beaded ring is one of them and gets you to look stylish anywhere.

Fabulous Stacking Ring

Prepare a golden wire to make this fabulous stacking ring. Cut it into some sizes and create the ring shape. You don’t need other accessories to complete its look. Just let this simple wire ring spruce up your appearance.

Ring With Leather Tassels

What about this modern ring style? It has leather tassels that will fit with anything. Don’t hesitate to wear this ring any moment such as a summer party, celebration, or just for everyday style. This ring will never make you look out of date.

DIY Wire Heart Ring

This DI wire heart ring is made of a gold wire that shaped into a heart shape. Moreover, it is not hard to find the materials in the nearest store. Customize the size to get fit your finger. Furthermore, wearing two or more rings will be a great idea.

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