Do you know that leather is a super versatile material when it comes to DIY projects? Besides, the fact that one belt gives you plenty of usable material that’s fit for repurposing will offer you a good thing. If you need the inspiration to repurpose a leather belt, check all the information below.

Vintage Leather Belt Purse

Vintage leather belt purse DIY Repurposing Ideas Of Leather Belts For Fashion And Style


It is a result of your creative magic and makes a purse or wallet that would rival anything you see on the runway. By seeing the look, everyone will expect a high price for this belt purse. Meanwhile, you know the secret because you do it yourself.

Vintage Leather Belt Bracelet

Vintage leather belt bracelet DIY Repurposing Ideas Of Leather Belts For Fashion And Style


Your old leather belts can be put to good use as bracelets, look at this gorgeous cuff bracelet. It is made from an old leather bracelet, beads, buttons, and strings.

Cheap And Durable Leather Belt Camera Strap

If you love photography, you will love to have a leather belt for a sturdy camera strap. The materials you will need are an old leather belt, copper wire, and iron-on fabric patches. Then, the tools you need are a utility knife, leather punches, wire cutter, stripper, needle-nosed pliers, and iron. Here, you just have to trim the belt down a bit if it’s really long and then use copper wire to hold it to the camera.

Repurpose Leather Belt Dog Collars

Leather belt dog collars are masculine for your dog. After that, the making process is also easy. Here, you can just measure the length, cut the belt, and attach the fastening hardware.

DIY Yoga Mat Strap

By seeing the result, you will know that an old leather belt makes the perfect strap for your yoga mat. This project needs a thin leather belt and of course, a yoga mat. The belt has the function to keep the mat neatly rolled up when not in use and offers a very comfortable and very effective carrying strap as well. There is a little work involved to make this one, but not much and you can easily have it completed within an hour.

Leather Key Fob

Look at this project which shows you even the tiniest bit of leftover leather can be upcycled and put to good use. Here, you can cut a piece, then stamp out your name for a fun luggage tag or key fob. The good news is you can also use them as eco-friendly gift tags.

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