Do you have some reclaimed wood in your home? Reclaimed wood itself is easy to get from anywhere, such as used containers or used wood furniture. If you have used materials from wood, don’t throw it away. Moreover, if the condition is still good, you can use it for your home decoration project. Reclaimed woods are an excellent resource for making your own home decor. They are relatively inexpensive and easy to obtain. To make it happen, some DIY ideas can be your options to take advantage of the reclaimed wood.

There are many ways to use reclaimed woods for your DIY projects. You can use the reclaimed wood for making a table or coffee table. A DIY bench also can be made from recalimed wood. Creating your own racks is an easy DIY project that can be done by using reclaimed wood. Reclaimed wood planter boxes are a great home project for growing herbs, small fruit trees, and flowers. Furthermore, some DIY reclaimed wood projects can be in the form of headboard, bed frame, tray, plant stand, wall decoration, kitchen bar, and more. Take a look at these ideas below.

Coffee Table from diycandy

Hose Holder from diycandy

Round Barn Quilt Table  from diycandy

DIY Potting Bench  from diycandy

DIY Planter Bench from diycandy

Wooden Planter Shelf from diycandy

DIY Reclaimed Clock  from diycandy

Repurposed Wood Shelves from diycandy

Rustic Shelving  from diycandy

Calavera Pallet Art from diycandy

Scrap Wood Wall Art  from diycandy

Wooden Bench  from diycandy

Colorful Wooden Wall  from diycandy

House Craft from diycandy

Up-cycled Pipe and Wood Shelves from homebnc Rustic and Reclaimed Box from homebnc Reclaimed Wood Farmhouse Dining Table  from homebnc Shabby Chic Bathroom Organizer  from homebnc Rustic Chevron Wooden Wall Art from homebnc Dark Wood Headboard from homebnc Industrial Farmhouse Pendant Lighting from homebnc Reclaimed Wood Box Centerpiece from homebnc Wooden Cube Tiered Shelving  from homebnc Wooden Farmhouse Coffee Table from homebnc Wooden Palet Coffee Table from homebnc X-Frame Cube Patio Stool  from homebnc Rustic and Reclaimed Wooden Mirror Frame  from homebnc Fence Board Planted Pot Holder from homebnc Hanging Plant Shelves from homebnc Rustic Reclaimed Wood Headboard from homebnc Toilet Paper Holder and Shelf from homebnc Wooden Trash Can Cabinet from homebnc Wooden Plank Wall from homebnc Fence Board Herb Garden Grower from homebnc Reclaimed Wooden Bathtub Tray from homebnc Wooden Rack from homebnc DIY Planter from homebnc DIY Wooden Shelf  from homebnc Coffee Table  from homebnc Wooden Bed Frame from homebnc Reclaimed Wooden Bench from homebnc Wooden Side Table from homebnc DIY Wooden Beam Shelf from homebnc Wooden Sink from homebnc

DIY Wood Number from homebnc

DIY Reclaimed Wooden Headboard  from countryliving Wine Rack  from countryliving Paint Pallet Coffee Table from countryliving Wooden Table from countryliving Wood Wall from countryliving Reclaimed Wooden Kitchen Island from countryliving Reclaimed Wooden Table from countryliving DIY Wooden Porch Swing from countryliving Outdoor Farmhouse Table from countryliving

Stove Vent Hood from countryliving Reclaimed Wood Serving Tray from countryliving

Pallet Coffee Bar Storage from countryliving

Upcycled Fall Planter from countryliving

Wooden Storage Bed from countryliving

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