Take a look at your closet. How many unused shocks are there? You can change them into more useful things for your kids. Yes. Animal socks. First of all, you need to collect the socks no matter what the patterns are. Then, prepare the tools needed like scissors, thread, needle, and or hot glue. You may need accessories like googly eyes, nose, or others. If you are looking for puppet animals that you can make from socks, check out our ideas further below!

DIY Olaf Sock Snowman

Diy olaf sock snowman


Is Olan an animal? Well, we can say so. It appears in a kid’s movie entitled Frozen. Well, it is a snowman that can walk and run. Even, it is fussy. So, we can call it an animal right now, can’t we? Create this cute toy from white socks and other accessories.

Cute Sheep Sock Toy Handmade

Playing with little sheep will make your kids happy. It looks so cuddly and soft. Take white socks and create the pattern. Cut along the pattern and sew the part. Then, improve the body by using white yarns. This cute sheep is great to accompany your kids for sleeping.

Easy Kitten Sock Toy

Take the socks whatever colors and patterns you like. Then, draw the pattern of the kitten with a pencil. After that, cut them out to create the tail, ears, and legs. Fill the kitten sock with pieces of cotton. Sew it till according to the scheme. Then, add googly eyes, nose, and mouth.

DIY Cute Sock Cow

You will need two socks to make this cute sock cow. Prepare a bit of yarn to get it soft. Draw the pattern on the socks. Then, cut them out by using scissors. After filling them with pieces of cotton, sew them out. Don’t forget to take buttons for his eyes.

Cool Monster Sock

It doesn’t have to be animals. You can make a monster from socks as well. No special treats are needed. Just customize the pattern and size as how the monster will look like. So, what monsters that you want to make? Oh, you can add a pocket as well to make the toy more functional.

DIY Sock Frog

What a cute frog! Your baby will love this toy. Take the green socks you have. Then, draw the pattern and cut. Sew it carefully and fill it with cotton or rice. Then, complete it with eyes, nose, and mouth. Your new toy is ready.


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