The idea of living uncluttered life with less stuff sounds interesting to many. It is means that they already considered the benefits of owning fewer possessions; less to clean, less to organize, and less stress. There are variety ways to get started. For example, trying a DIY projects.

1. DIY Vanity Tray Storage

This trendy vanity tray is totally helpful. Store your little bottles and eye makeup in it, so now you will have a spotless bathroom.

2. DIY Polaroid Pin Frame

With this super cute netted frame, no more messy vanity or loosing earring.

3. DIY Concrete Ring Cones


This ring storage is made from concrete. You can also paint them with bright hues and funky design to make it a bit good looking.

4. DIY Under Sofa Storage

Be smart by take an advantage of every extra space in your home; make this project will help you a lot, and plus, it is removable easily.

5. DIY Modern Keyholder

Even key is so small, but it can give a huge bad impact if you lost it. This modern key holder will help you to manage your key in a stylish way, so there is no more drama when your key is gone.

6. DIY Anthropologie Dupe Wall Organizer

Just make this simple wall organizer to organize your office stuff or even craft supplies. You can also bring in some pops of color by painting each floating shelf with your favorite color.

7. DIY Rope Bowl

Just wrangle the rope into one of these nifty, textured bowls and this bowl is ready to keep your knickknacks.

8. DIY Clay and Wood Jewelry Boxes


Craft this clay pot for a jewelry box. You can also use it as a container in your kitchen.

9. DIY Mud Cloth-Inspired Organizer

Bring the wooden circle, paint with any design that you want, attach the rope to hang the circle with a staple gun, attach the elastic cord to hang your stuff and your organizer is ready to keep your stuff and make your wall space beautiful at the same time.

10. DIY Grid Mesh Memo Board

This chic memo board will help you stay on track with your calendar while keeping your space totally clutter free.

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