Check out your laundry room! How many clothespins do you have? There might be hundreds or even thousands. Don’t be upset. We can use them to make crafts. Clothespins are cheap and versatile. Making crafts with them is not tricky. If you want to create items for decorating your home, try to work with clothespins. Still don’t catch any idea? Check out our list below! We have collected DIY projects with wooden clothespins that will inspire you. Read further and make clothespins crafts in your style!

DIY Clothespins Sunburst

Diy clothespins sunburst


Making a DIY sunburst is easy. You could customize it to match your décor. You will need wooden clothespins, acrylic paint in any color, a paintbrush, and wood glue. Start by separating wooden pins into two piles for each. Paint them and form the shape using glue.

DIY Clothespin Napkin Holder

Prepare wood glue, white acrylic paint, decoupage glue, scissors, a patterned napkin, and a paintbrush. You will need wooden at least 32 clothespins. Dismantle the pieces to get wooden sides and a metal spring piece. We suggest you store the springs because you don’t need them in this project. Check out more tutorials from DIYs.

Clothespin Scarf Holder

You will need a bunch of wooden clothespins for this project. You are free to paint the clothespins before you glue them. So, you will get it to match your decor. Attach them all to a wooden board by gluing. You can hang hats and small bags too.

Pumpkin Pie Slice Place Cards

This project is so adorable with a cute design. The combination of scrap-booking paper and clothespins gives a different vibe to a room. You can make them only with simple tools like a pen and glue. Create this adorable project by seeing the tutorials step by step here.

DIY Clothespin Crafts Planters

What a lovely little planter! You can do this simple project as soon as possible. You will need small tin cans, clothespins, a little bit of twine, and glue. Start this project by breaking the pins into halves and omitting the springs. Glue the wood sides and shape them. The last, tie a piece of twine around. 

Artwork Display Frame Using Mini Clothespins

Your kids might create artwork. What about displaying them all in a frame? You will need a wood frame, a little rope, and clothespins. If you are interested in making something like this craft, follow the instruction from makeit-loveit and create it by your style.


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