What does a little girl like most? Become a princess. All little girls are the princess of their parents, of course. So, why don’t we create princess costumes for them? You can see from the movie that they like it. Whether Snow White, A Princess Diary, Rapunzel, or Frozen. Or, you can ask your little girl, who is her favorite Disney Princess? Then, check out our inspiring princess costume ideas below. This Halloween might become her favorite moment ever with a princess costume.

Beautiful Princess Rapunzel Costume

Beautiful princess rapunzel costume



Well, Rapunzel looks so beautiful with her long hair. So, don’t forget to get the faux long hair to complete this costume. Or, if your little girl has long hair, you only need to add some accessories to spruce up her appearance. Then, she will be the most beautiful girl in your eyes.

Princess Star Costume That Shines

Your little girl will shine bright like a diamond in the sky. Just with this pretty Princess Star costume. The stars will with sparkling effects make her become the focal interest of any Halloween party. Look at the girl in this picture! She is so pretty, isn’t she? Feel free to customize it with silver color.

Elsa Costume For Girl

Prepare a white and blue long sleeves shirt. Then, choose a skirt with lace. This costume will remind her about Frozen’s movie. Hopefully, she will be as brave as Elsa. A little girl should be clever and brave like Elsa, isn’t she? She will love the costume as well.

DIY Pretty Little Mermaid Costume

She doesn’t have to go swimming with this pretty little mermaid costume. Creating this costume will need several days. But, you will love the result. The skirt looks so awesome with some felts or you can use flannels that are attached well to look like a fishtail.

DIY Purple Princess Costume For Little Girl

Whether Victoria, Anna, or other Princess will love to wear this purple dress. Sure, you can make it in less than a week by a sewing machine. Feel free to customize the accessories as you like. Make sure that you buy the crown as well.

DIY Sleeping Beauty Dress

Use a hot pink tutu to attach the white sheer fabrics. Combine with pink sheer fabric to make the skirt. This pretty costume will work well for anyone. The girl who wants to look like Aurora will love this.



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