You will need only seconds to answer this question. Who would not love to be a princess and wear pretty dresses in a magnificent castle of Halloween? On this page, you will see the adorable princess costume you can make by yourself. All the ideas are collected on DIY Prettiest Princess Costume Ideas To Shine In Your Halloween Celebration.

DIY Princess Leia Costume

This Princess Leia costume will let your kid be a little intergalactic princess of Star Wars. This costume is not only easy to sew but it gives a fascinating look. The supplies you need are white fleece and braided elastic for the dress. Besides, for the belt, you will need metallic faux leather, sewing essentials, and a sewing machine.

DIY Rapunzel Costume

If your kid has long hair as long as the Rapunzel then this costume is obviously perfect. Not stop from that, this costume will bring Rapunzel alive. To create this Rapunzel costume, the supplies you need are the main purple fabric which is 4 polyester, 4 yards of lace trim in 1 inch wide, ½ inch pink ribbon, 1/8-inch pink ribbon,1/4 yard white chiffon fabric, coordinating thread (purple, pink, and white), 20 silver metal eyelets, and 12-inch zipper.

DIY Elsa Costume For Adults

Diy elsa costume for adults DIY Prettiest Princess Costume Ideas To Shine In Your Halloween Celebration


This long-sleeve top and floor-length skirt will pretty show you that colds never bothered you anyway. Let create this costume by preparing some materials. There is a matching thread, double-needle, lace shirt, 2 yards stretchy light blue knit, 2 yards teal lace, sparkly earrings, white or flesh-colored shoes.

DIY Fairy Princess Costume

This costume is a delightfully beautiful typical princess costume. The materials you need to create this fairy princess costume are fabric scissors, thread, tulle fabric, elastic, a needle, and also measuring tape.

DIY Princess Bubblegum Costume

When your daughter love to watch Adventure Time cartoon, then this costume is lovely. To create this costume, you have to prepare some materials. There are a paper crown template, stiff yellow felt, blue plastic gem, 20cm firm elastic, scissors, craft glue, sewing needle, yellow thread, and pegs.

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