It can be said that popsicle sticks are something that easily found. That also really popular for any DIY projects and familiar for your kids. In case you need something that can be made into varied stuff, then popsicle will be really matched and the right choice for you. Imagine that just by using popsicle sticks, you can make storage, planter, toys, ornament, lampshade. Here, we will give you examples of the products for each kind of stuff. Check them out!


Popsicle stick storage can be in such a small size and the big one. However, if you want to make the big one, you will need so many popsicle sticks. You can use the storage to put your accessories, jewelry, crafting tools, and more. Don’t forget to add some sweetener so that the storage won’t be seen as boring.

Mini Drawers from Simplecraftidea

 Jewelry Storage from Blog.urbansitter

CD Rack from Hative

Colorful Jewelry Box from Diys

Mini Make up Storage from Simplecraftidea

DIY Stick Box from Feelitcool

DIY Popsicle Accessories Storage from Theredheadriter


It is awesome how the popsicle stick can be made into planters. Even the shape could be really varied. From the tube, square, triangle, just any shape as long as you know how to arrange the popsicle sticks to form the shape that you want. Curious about the design references? Check the following pictures.

Snowman Planter from Christmas.365greetings

Colorful Stick Planter from Blog.urbansitter

Red and Blue Planter from Cutesycrafts

DIY Stick Planter from Somewhatsimple

White Planter from Diyncrafts

Color Block Stick Planter from Homedit

Multi Color Stick Planter from Designimprovised

Ombre Stick Planter from Homemydesign

DIY Stick Planter from Homemydesign

Triangles Planter from Homemydesign


Toys will be the most loved popsicle stick craft for your kids. You can let them have their own imagination and making the shape that they want. Or, you can give the references and let them to simply copying. Need some ideas? Here we have provided for you.

 DIY Catapult from Hative

Crocodile Toys from Easypeasyandfun

Airplane from Howweelearn

Launcher from Howweelearn

Dinosaurs from Howweelearn

Popsicle Stick Boat from Howweelearn

Superhero Puppets from Howweelearn

Helicopter from Hative

Ladybird and Owl Toys from Hative

Crossbow from Hative

Train Toys from Hative


Mostly, the ornament that can be made by using the popsicle sticks are only the small ones. Commonly, it becomes the Christmas tree ornament where you can make varied shapes like Santa, snowflake, fairy, and more.

Snowflake from Goodhousekeeping

Gingerbread House from Goodhousekeeping

DIY Sant Hat from Shelterness

DIY Little Sled Ornament from Shelterness

Colorful Christmas Tree Ornament from Shelterness

Popsicle Stick Characters from Shelterness

Angel Ornament from Shelterness

Snowman Hat from Thecraftpatchblog

Stick Ski Ornaments from Thecraftpatchblog

Star Ornament from Thecraftpatchblog

DIY Stick Santa Ornament from Thecraftpatchblog

Lamp Shade

There are some unique lampshades that you can have by using popsicle sticks. From the hanging lamp, table lamp, and even for your fairy lighting. You can paint the popsicle sticks if you want to have a fun colorful impression. Look at the examples of the popsicle sick lampshade design below.

DIY Hanging Lamp Shade from Designsponge

Natural Stick Lamp Shade from Hative

Multilevel Lamp Shade from Hative

Colorful Lamp Shade from Handmadecharlotte

Geometric Lamp Shade from Thriftyfun

Table Lamp Shade from Theredheadriter

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