Providing toys for your kids is really important. It could be anything even by having the DIY toys for them. From all of the toys, you can have a DIY Play kitchen that can be a great gift ever for your kids. Moreover, you can make it by yourself so the gift will be precious. Check all the ideas below on Selected-Unconventional DIY Play Kitchen Ideas To Keep Your Kids Busy.

DIY Outdoor Play Kitchen From An Old Shelf

Diy outdoor play kitchen Selected-Unconventional DIY Play Kitchen Ideas To Keep Your Kids Busyfrom an old shelf


It is a remake idea of an old shelf that gives a fantastic-looking play kitchen that will rock at any outdoor. Here you can add the bookshelf with a sink, back frame and build a precious play kitchen. Next, make the back and sink frame with custom wood lengths, project panels, or plywood and paint. Last, add hooks and knobs to the back frame for hanging kitchen tools and utensils. By having this kitchen, your kids will absolutely enjoy the time with friends and siblings to play outdoor.

Cabinet Play Kitchen

Cabinet play kitchen Selected-Unconventional DIY Play Kitchen Ideas To Keep Your Kids Busy


Look at the result of the repurposing idea above. You can use your old and retired furniture pieces to make great-looking play kitchens for kids. Reclaim the old dressers and cabinets easily to build handsome-looking kitchenettes for kids and one brilliant one is here to inspire your creativity. Next, refurbish a cabinet, just add with a top sink and back frame and get it transformed into a beautiful play kitchen. After that, fit a steel bowl in the hole of the top frame to make a sink and next add the sides with drawer pulls that will serve as towel racks.

Farmhouse Play Kitchen Style

If your home has farmhouse style, this play kitchen will be fit for the entire home style. It is a glam-looking model of wooden play kitchen that comes with interesting features and details. This play kitchen has been made that is just looking fabulous due to amazing design dimensions. You can build the overall design with MDF and plywood. Then, add play kitchen features like the sink and stove. After that, paint it as a finishing for a custom appeal and add the custom embellishments to decorate your play kitchen.

Bedside Table Play Kitchen


Looking for a cool transformation? Here is the result of the bedside table turn into a play kitchen. You can put the bedside table flat and then finish it up with a handsome wooden top which can come with drop leaves. Next, install a sink and stove. After that, add shelves in the compartments according to storage needs. In the last step, you can finish the other compartments with hinged doors to gain some fab-looking cabinets.

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