One of the best things about DIY pipe shelves is that you can customize them like none other. It is always great to make the DIY project, right? Therefore, here we have Uncomplicated DIY Pipe Shelves To Save Space Efficiently.

Boho Industrial Iron And Wood Floating Shelves

Boho industrial iron and wood floating shelves Uncomplicated DIY Pipe Shelves To Save Space Efficiently


What a gorgeously soft and frilly ceramics look atop industrial wood and iron floating shelves! This particular style can lend a touch of modernity to your farmhouse or shabby chic style, which can sometimes look a bit dated. Note to keeping things simple and sparse will only make this decor look more stylish. Then, if you like to keep things minimal on your eyes or just can’t afford a bunch of stuff, this decor theme will work especially well for you like a minimalist.

Warm And Welcoming Pewter And Wood Shelves

Warm and welcoming pewter and wood shelves Uncomplicated DIY Pipe Shelves To Save Space EfficientlyWarm and welcoming pewter and wood shelves Uncomplicated DIY Pipe Shelves To Save Space Efficiently


For these welcoming shelves, you will just simply cut the wood pieces down to the length and width to fit into your living space and get the pipes cut to match. This can be an adorable solution for floating bathroom shelves. So, your bathrooms can be full of odd nooks, crannies, and empty walls that can look awkward when they’re bare. Then, you can add a couple of floating shelves and some cleverly disguised storage decor to liven up the space.

Minimalist Floating Bar Shelves With Iron Pipe Brackets

Do you like the minimalist style as your stylish solution? Look at this gorgeous minimalist floating bar shelf made of iron pipe brackets. For this project, you will need pipes, brackets, a secure wall mount, and a piece of finished wood. Here, you can arrange your glasses and spirits on the shelf and you’ve got yourself a bar.

Simple And Stylish Pipe Wall Shelf

This wall shelf is simple, sturdy, and amazing. Why it is mentioned as an amazing wall shelf? Because although the style is simple but not the use. Here, you can use this wall shelf to handle heavier loads like printers. Besides, woven baskets there is a smart idea for organizing odds and ends in pipe and wood shelving units. After that, you can add a couple of decorative items to soften the look and make it more welcome to be seen in your home decoration. Plus, it offers you changeable style as wide or as tall as you need to.

Simple Copper Pipe And White Wood Floating Shelves

Simple Wood floating self uses copper instead of black or galvanized steel pipes which can completely change the look of your DIY pipe shelf design. The appearance will be shown lighter and brighter. On the other hand, if you want an almost invisible look, then painting the shelves to match the wall they are mounted on will do the trick. Next, the glossy finish there goes nicely with the brightness of the copper color. Last, you can also tie in the soft, warm metallic with the items you display on the shelves, like the copper-hued vase and metallic frame.

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