We have talked about the DIY bags, pockets, mason jars, and many more. And today, we want to make a DIY craft from the simplest and easiest stuff. Yup, pipe cleaners. DIY pipe cleaners are the perfect and the best thing you can get. Moreover, it has tons of creations to explore. Just like this pipe cleaner firework ring, it’s a fun idea and the best gift for your kids, especially on New Year’s Eve. Moreover, all you need is only twisting and turning the pipe cleaners. Easy right?

And since this DIY is easy and simple, you can ask your kids to make it together with you. Do you worry about the safety issue? No need to worry, because usually pipe cleaners are covered enough so the ends arent’s sharp and dangerous for your kids.

You can also add a variety of sparkling colors so there are many choices and ideas for your kids.

This ring is perfect for New Year’s Eve party or another national day party. But, for your kids, it can be worn any time they want. For example, you can put this ring on your kids at a birthday party, dress-up boxes, or even regular playing time.

What Did You Need?

This is the most simple and easy DIY craft, all you need is only scissors and pipe cleaners.

How To Do?

First, you need to fold the pipe cleaners in half, then wrap it around your finger.

Take a short side and fold them again in half, no need to make it longer, just enough to make it as a lock.

Simple And Easy DIY Pipe Cleaner Firework Ring That Will Awed The World


Get another pipe cleaner and cut it in a half.

Fold in half and wrap it around the top of the ring that you make previously.

If you think you already have enough pipe cleaners around the ring, then roll the end of pipe cleaners downward creating a firework shape. And finally, it’s done and ready to use.



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