If you think that creating your own pinata is hard then after you see the ideas below you will never think hard anymore. This process is simple and fun although sometimes it can be a little tedious at times. All the ideas are collected on DIY Pinatas For Every Kind Of Party You Can Make At Home.

Hair-Themed Pinatas

With DIY pinata you can have an unforgettable idea with a beauty-themed party. You can decorate with an assortment of huge hair themed pinatas, such as a brush, a comb, a hairdryer, and scissors. If you want to have this big hair-themed pinatas idea you will need cardboard, tissue paper in black and pink, a glue gun, metallic silver pipe cleaners, a craft knife, pen or pencil, fringe scissors, template tacky glue, a clear ruler, permanent marker, wire cutters, and scissors.

Paper Bag Pinata

Paper bag pinata DIY Pinatas For Every Kind Of Party You Can Make At Home


This paper bag pinata is a last-minute idea for a celebration. The material you need to create this paper bag pinata is a paper lunch bag, tissue paper in various colors, glue sticks, scissors, hole punch, stapler, twine or thin rope, candy, and treats.

Pinata Garland

This is a funny pinata creation you can have at home as a garland. You will definitely impress by the entire wall filled with pinatas. You can string up a bunch of mini pinatas to make a brightly hued garland to decorate for any celebration. Besides, these are pulled pinatas that open with a string so you do not have to worry about errant sticks destroying your wall.

Tropical Drink Pinata

This DIY tropical drink on your patio or by the pool made of pinata would be a fun surprise for your next summer party. Make sure that you have plenty of candy on hand as there is a lot of space inside the huge pinata. Thus, everyone in your home can get handfuls of loot once it has been opened. The supplies you need are Balloon, newspaper, flour and water, cardboard, scissors, scotch tape, school glue, hot glue, masking tape, pink crepe paper streamers, paint in any color, yellow cardstock, parasol, cardboard wrapping paper tube, ribbon or finishing line.

Heart Pinata

This DIY scalloped heart pinata with gold, copper, and silver metallic detailing will ready to be a hit at your event.

Emoji Pinata Gift Box

This gift wrapped in an emoji pinata gift box will send thousands of love to your special one’s face. The supplies you need to create this are cardboard, brown packaging tape, red and black card stock, glue, scissors, fringing scissors, yellow crepe paper, and a box cutter.





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