How many coins do you get today? Saving money can be difficult sometimes, but you can do it. You need to create a money-saving device. It is a fun project to do in an afternoon. Furthermore, you can ask your kid to help you make a DIY piggy bank with you. We have collected DIY coin bank ideas from materials in your home. Check them out in the list below and get inspired!

DIY Felt Piggy Bank 

Diy felt piggy bank


Customize the size you want. A felt piggy bank will save your coin every day. It is a super fan project that a newbie can finish in minutes. You should be able to sew by hand or use a sewing machine to do it soon. Check out more about how to make it here.

Handy Hamm Piggy Bank

What are you waiting for? It looks so cute, isn’t it? Making this piggy bank is not hard. You will need a mason jar, paper, pouf, and felt. Your kid will love the color. A pink pig that saves your money is all you need soon. 

DIY Easy Coin Bank

See this DIY coin bank that is super easy to do. You will need a can, paper, and glue. Cover the tin can with paper. Then, decorate it by adding stamps, stars, decals, or even glitters. Make a hole to deposit your coin. We believe you can make it in less than thirty minutes.

DIY Airplane Piggy Bank

What a lovely piggy bank! It will make your kid save more coins here. Creating this project is easy. Prepare an empty plastic bottle, white and blue cardstock, two-sided tape, scissors, and a pencil. Follow more instructions here. Customize the size and color you like. The bigger it, the more money you can save will be.

DIY Shadow Box Bank

It might need several hours to make a piggy bank like the picture. A DIY shadow box bank is all you need to save more money. Are you going on a tour? Use this piggy bank to get your dream. 

DIY Mason Jar Superhero Bank

Who is your superhero? Is he a superman, batman, or even ironman? Now, make him your hero in saving money. You will need a mason jar, glue, scissors, paint, and paper. First, paint the mason jar in your superhero costume color. Second, cut paper to shape the superhero icon. Third, attach it to the mason jar. 


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