Photos as the golden item to keep every moment need to be displayed with your personality. Therefore, you are suggested to create your own picture frame.

Keyholder Picture Frame

Wood pallets are more magical and useful to recycle in a different craft project. Here, you can reuse a shipping pallet to make a beautiful photo case with keyholders for your lobby. This project is attaching the keyholders on this frame using nails. Then, use this frame to showcase your precious moments as well as hang the keys. The supplies you need are a picture frame, coat hooks, screws, your lovely picture, and velcro strips.

Popsicle Sticks Photo Frame

Delightful DIY Picture Frame Ideas To Display Your Pictures


Playing and crafting with popsicle sticks are fun for kids and elders. People of all age groups even can use this useful material for DIY idea crafting. Moreover, you can involve your kids with yourself and customize this super easy frame using pop sticks. You can paint these sticks with all vibrant and rainbow colors. After that, use pearls and rhinestones to embellish your charming photo case. The materials you need to prepare are popsicle sticks, a hot glue gun, construction paper, buttons, hinge clip, magnets, and photos.

Cork Board Picture Frame

It is time to raid your thrift store and collect all useful supplies to make a photo frame. You can use a corkboard and an old casing to reuse as a photo frame to display your kid’s captured moments. For this project, you will not only display the photos, but you can also utilize this casing as a storyboard to get a farmhouse-style décor. Here, Use embellishing and decorative board pins to showcase the traveling tickets or other notes on this frame

Coco Inspired Picture Frame

Show your love to your mommy with this DIY Coco frame. Here, kids can work on this craft project effortlessly and excitingly. Obviously, this project doesn’t include any tools and risky supplies for the kids. That’s why you and your kids can create this frame independently. You can decorate this photo case with glittery felt paper shapes. The example above is displaying Coco and mom picture, so you can change it with your own picture with mom.

Rolled Paper Picture Frame

This rolled paper picture frame is ready to display your favorite photo. You can reuse paper scrap and leftovers from your craft store to make this rolled paper picture frame. After that, use an old frame to embellish with colorful papers. Next, use hot glue to join all the folded paper in a pattern. Later, adjust a precious photo of your dad with you in this customized frame


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