The sofa is one of the basic and most important furniture that is necessary for every home. Sofa made from pallets has become very popular lately, many homeowners have started to enjoy the nuances of nice and comfortable palette furniture because they are easier and fun to make. The pallet sofa from Funky Junk Interiors can be one of your weekend projects.

Find a mattress that you like. The mattress above is 24″ deep, 55″ wide, 6″ deep. Your choice may be different from the picture above, of course it will affects the measurement. The measurements that are offered is only as a comparison guide. Eventually,  you need to adjust all the measurements depending on your mattress and board availability.

Collect wooden pallets. You do not have to use a new one because this is an upcycle project then use what you have.

Here is the measurement.

After finding the right size, you can immediately cut the woods that are needed according to the size. You can use a compound miter saw for all the cuts, the results were perfectly square cuts and effortless. But you can use a handsaw if you do not have one.

After every cut, you should sand the wood. Extra attention is given to the arm or wherever you touch. Ensure your safety by using google glasses, breathing protection and gloves.

The two legs were used as a measuring guide for how large to make the 55″ wide frame. The legs will sit on the outside of that frame for this design.

The thickness of the mattress can indicates how high the seating frame. Since here the mattress quite thick, it means you need low seating frame so the feet to touch the floor as you sit.

Likewise with the height of your arm height when sitting. If is too high or too low, it will make you uncomfortable.

Add center support at the center as your bench booster.

Planks were cut 5.5″wide x 30″ long and set into place allowing for a slight overhang along the front. And screwed in, no nails in sight.

All joins were done with predrilled holes and 4″ deck screws. The 3×3’s were oak and super dense. If you did not predrill, the screws snapped in half.

Here we use a double pillow system because it was more comfortable than single.

when you will install the backrest, note the height of the pillow you are using.

Arrange the arrangement of the backrest. Using the deck floor seam as a measurement reference, placed the boards back side up onto the supports. The mounting was done from behind so the screws were invisible.

Or you can reverse the way on mounting the back rest, it’s up to your creativity.

Here it did not mounted the back onto anything. But if you want to mount it permanently, you can install iron hinges as a buffer.

The end result is a sturdy seat that feels like a real sofa sitting. You can add some pillows to make you more comfortable.

Original article and photos from : Funky Junk Interiors


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