Outdoor is a place where we will spend leisure time by seeing the scenery. It can be in terms of a little garden, pool, or just a simple deck. At Christmas, we wish to have a wonderful decoration inside and outside. In this article, we will show you more about DIY outdoor decoration ideas for Christmas that will not only spruce up your outdoor but also get more Christmas spirit. Let us check them out below!

Romantic Outdoor Look With Candles

Romantic outdoor look with candles

Adding your own lighting fixtures outside will give more personal touches. In this outdoor, there are some mason jars with candles that brighten this area beautifully. Feel free to customize the glass size based on your desire. Then, arrange each glass or mason jar at each step.

Add Orbs To Your Front Door

Add orbs to your front door

These orbs will shine at night because of the string lamps. The creator lets them in brown natural color to get a rustic tone. Then, We guarantee that your porch will look bright because the light is waterproof. So, it will never be a problem with stormy winter weather.

Fabric and Evergreen Swag

Fabric and evergreen swag

Look at this wreath that looks so modern with fabric and evergreen combination. The creator also adds some pinecones to spruce up with red. Then, this wreath will never be out of date. Even if Christmas day already left, the wreath is still applicable for all seasons.

Magical Ice Lanterns

Magical ice lanterns

Look at these lanterns made of plastic cartoons and water. You will feel like in a fairy place with these lighting fixtures. Furthermore, creating magical ice lanterns is not hard and will never spend much money. You can see how beautiful these lights at night later. Then enjoy the beauty of your own porch.

Ginormous Christmas Tree Ornament

Ginormous christmas tree ornament

It is neither a hard project nor expensive to make. What you need to concern about is only a big bulb and get more evergreen. Display them anywhere for your outdoor. It can be near the pool or to brighten the deck. This simple lighting idea looks nice even the winter will go later.

Melt-Proof Snowman

Melt-proof snowman

Use 3 faux evergreen wreaths to get a cool melt-proof snowman. Arrange them vertically, one for the head, one for the body, and one for the feet. You can easily display this on the porch. So, when winter comes, the show will make cover it. Whenever the winter goes by, the melt-proof snowman stands forever.

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