Everyone, if you are finding yourself in possession of old windows maybe you need a new gorgeous idea to repurpose all the old windows you have. Here we have collected some repurpose old windows ideas that are fun to copy as your home weekend project. All the ideas are rounded up in DIY Out Of The Box Ideas Repurposing Old Windows For Best Furniture.

DIY Antique Window Headboard

It looks very interesting where you can have an antique window headboard above your bed. It looks suite and romantic decoration to your bedroom wall. You can just put on the old window frame there or you can also paint it before you put it on the wall.

DIY Old Window Pot Rack

Diy old window pot rack DIY Out Of The Box Ideas Repurposing Old Windows For Best Furniture


This is one of the best innovative ideas in repurposing your old window. The unuse item will be a functional apparatus in the kitchen. The tip is when your frame does not suit your fancy, you are suggested to paint it to match your mood and décor theme.

Old Frame Into A New Bathroom Mirror

This is a bathroom that reveals the idea that you can create at home. It is not only a functional item to your bathroom but it also gives you a sweet décor idea.

DIY Bar From An Upcycled Window

Plan to create this project in your weekend for good use. Prepare your old window, paint in any color you have, saw, glue, and brush to create a complete presentation like this.

Tree Hung Picture Window

Just hang your old-old window on the tree you have in the front yard or your backyard. After that, put your mini pot color of flowers on the window, complete with a presence of candle that will add a romantic touch at night.

Antique Window Picture Frame

If you are looking for an unconventional window picture frame, you may try this idea at home now. The materials you need are an old window, printed image, scissors, tape, picture hanger, hammer, and nails.Repur




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