What do you want to do this afternoon? If you come back sooner from your office, it will be better to refresh your mind by making crafts. Take a look at your wardrobe! How many pairs of old jeans are there? Making some things from old jeans will be a great idea. It will not need much money. The tools and supplies are already in your home. Check out our list further below! We have collected DIY ideas from old jeans to make in the afternoon!

Simple Upcycled Blue Jeans Wine Bottle Cover

Simple upcycled blue jeans wine bottle


Isn’t it beautiful? This simple upcycled blue jeans white bottle cover is easy to make for a beginner. No wonder! You will need while lace, old jeans, a bottle, glue, and pearls. Cut the old jeans into a rectangular piece of fabric. Then, cover up the bottle. Add lace and pearls. 

Unique DIY Denim Feather Keychain

Do you often lose your key? It is time to store it well by adding a lovely keychain. You might buy it at a store, but making it will be much better. Look at the picture. A unique DIY denim feather keychain is one of the best. Check out more here to know how to make it.

Easy Denim Rag Wreath Using Upcycled Jeans

Upgrade your wall decor soon! You can make a denim rag wreath using upcycled jeans. Cut the old jeans you have into small pieces. Then, attach them to the wreath one by one using glue. Customize it by adding flowers or pearls or anything you want. This denim wreath works well for all seasons. 

DIY Upcycled Denim Sandals Tutorial

Need a new pair of sandals? Take your old sandals. Then, upgrade them with denim touches. It will make you look funky. You will need old jeans, glue, and a few accessories to make a pair of denim sandals. Check out how to make it here.

Easy Woven Denim Placemat Tutorial

You will like this placemat, we are sure. Make it using old jeans. We love the woven style that keeps it eye-catching on the table. If you want to upgrade your table decor, using some woven denim placemats will be perfect.

Easy DIY Old Blue Jeans Coaster Tutorial

A coaster might be small, but it changes your table decor. Making a DIY coaster from old jeans is not tricky. You only have to cut the jeans to look like a ribbon. Then, scroll it. Glue it as you go ahead. Finish it by attaching the lace.



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