You can get fishbowls at a thrift store in cheap. Furthermore, using fishbowls to make crafts will not be hard at all. You only need to fill the bowl with anything needed. For example, to make a cool terrarium, you need to add some green grasses. Then, to add a pretty snow globe, you have to fill the bowl with winter supplies. In this article, we give you DIY project ideas with an old fishbowl. Check out further!

DIY Beautiful Cloche

Diy beautiful cloche


Do you love cloches? You will spend about $100 to buy a single cloche in the store. So, why don’t you make it by hand? Yes, it can be. You just need to buy a fishbowl from the dollar store. Then, fill it with the supplies needed.

Easy DIY FishBowl Snow Globe

Get a fishbowl to make this pretty snow globe. Take a round wood as the base. First, arrange the snow globe supplies. Use glue to keep them stable. Then cover all the things with a fishbowl. Put this snow globe on your desk.

DIY Nail Polish Organizer

This is the easiest project that you can make in less than an hour. Just take a fishbowl that is unused. Then, tie over scarf to make a decorative look. Then, you don’t need to add any accessories. Then, your nail polish organizer looks so chic to be put on your table.

DIY Christmas Fishbowl Centerpiece

If you want to make your room looks more expensive at Christmas, try this fishbowl centerpiece. Prepare a fishbowl any size you want. Then, fill it with a whole roll of silver tinsel garland. Then, add more snowflakes, pine cones, and ornaments to spruce it up. Put this on your living room table to add a more festive feeling.

DIY Fishbowl Candy Dispenser

Well, it looks pretty for a Halloween decoration. Get a fishbowl from a dollar store. Draw the face by using black markers or you can make it by gluing some flannels. Then, fill it with candies. Put this candy dispenser on the porch or anywhere you want.

DIY Fishbowl Terrarium

Having this terrarium will make us feel calm and quiet. See the decoration that shows a natural feel. Even though we live in a big city, seeing fresh succulents, grasses, or herbs inside a fishbowl will give a fresh feeling. Feel free to add other supplies to complete its decoration.

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