Looking for fun DIY projects to work on over the weekends? Here it is. A good result of DIY lamp ideas on DIY Oil Lamp Ideas As A Blessing In Disguise.

DIY Semi Precious Stone Oil Lamps

DIY Oil Lamp Ideas As A Blessing In Disguise


This semi-precious stone oil lamp is so adorable. You will need to take a medium glass bottle then place a candle wick in it. After that, fill the bottle halfway with stones and fill it further with lamp oil using a funnel. Last, create the wick holder with a washer. Here, you are ready to light up your pretty oil lamp and enjoy it.

DIY Essential Oil Lamp

DIY Oil Lamp Ideas As A Blessing In Disguise


It is the most wanted lamp project. DIY an essential oil lamp is pretty ideal for a beautiful smelling house and can be recreated in minutes. The supplies you need are essential oils of choice, light olive oil, floating wicks, food coloring, water, a Mason jar, and decorative real or fake flowers.

Eco-Friendly DIY Oil Lamp

This lamp project can be made in 5 minutes using floating wicks during emergencies such as power outages or even for a simple sweet-smelling atmosphere around you. The supplies you need are only vegetable oil, cotton string, a wire, and a tin can. Last, you can put this lamp either indoor or outdoor.

Relaxing DIY Mason Jar Oil Lamp As A Gift

It is an unconventional gift idea that is impressive, exclusive, and festive. It is called a relaxing oil lamp because it is made from cinnamon and friends. The supplies you need are pint mason jars, olive oil, dried orange slices, cinnamon sticks, small pine cones, floating wicks, essential oils (rosemary,  cinnamon, sweet orange), Besides, you can also use fragrance oils for the best aroma.

Vintage Oil Lamp

A vintage oil lamp is an easy, inexpensive DIY project, takes no time at all, and is a great way to add character to your space. The materials you need are an old oil can, de-greaser, drill, metal file, 3-way socket, metal threaded nipples, hex nuts, cord set, and bulb.

Turn Brooze Bottles Into Mood Enchanting Lighting

Have you ever imagined that you can turn your essential booze bottle into mood lighting? Here, you will need an empty booze bottle with a flat base, put a foot-long flat cotton wick, pour an odorless lamp oil with a funnel, then top it with a bottle wick which will be the stopper to hold the wick in place.



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