Fall leaves décor is more versatile than other fall decorations. You can just take a walk outside your home and collect some of your favorite fallen leaves. Keep reading on this page of DIY Numerous Elegant Ways To Decorate With Leaf This Fall.

Fall Inspired Stamp

Leaves open up an endless amount of options for this fall décor include a fall-inspired stamp. This is a gorgeous stamp that is used to make tea towels. In creating this leaf stamps, you have to have varying sizes and shapes of leaves, ensure to rotate the leaves slightly and randomly scattered. Moreover, it is better to have the bottom of the leaves all facing downwards because it will look like their falling. The complete supplies you need to create this leaf fall-inspired stamp are fabric paint in varying colors, flour sack towels, paintbrush, and assorted leaves.

Press Fall Leaves Wall Art

If you want to have press fall leaves wall art, make sure that the frames and background are simple. So, you will not detract from the leaves. The materials you need are flower seed paper, picture frames, pressed leaves, and scissors.  You can create more than one as you wish and hang them in exact rows or more abstract fashion with the same or varying size frame.

Printed Falls Leaves For Wall

Printed falls leaves for wall - copy DIY Numerous Elegant Ways To Decorate With Leaf This Fall


If you are afraid to use real leaves to decorate this fall, you can choose this idea. It allows you to have fall leaf projects without involving the actual leaves, yes, it is a printed all leaf. Choose the well-designed printable leaf, find or make a frame with a clip then it will turn into a full of an art piece to your wall decoration this fall. Moreover, it offers you an easy wat to change out the art with the change of seasons.

Fall Leaf Roses

This idea has an autumnal spin on romantic roses by crafting the fall leaves from your backyard. The materials you need to create are 10 colorful leaves for each flower in various sizes that are dry and freshly fallen so it is pliable, short twigs, floral tape, and scissors.

Clay Leaf Bowls

This is a fascinating creation of fall leaf. You can use air-dry clay and fallen leaves to create mini bowls that are chic for keys, jewelry, and other knick-knacks. The materials you need are air-dry clay, leaves, clay rolling mat, acrylic clay roller, clay scissors or sharp scalpel, aluminum foil, wire baking rack for drying, and fine tip tweezers.




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