What do you do before going to bed? Some people will switch off the lamp, but others can not sleep in the darkness. It is nice to have a night lamp. Kids are those who wish to sleep with night lamps. Buying some night lamps will spend a lot of money. It might be better to use DIY night lights that you have made with your hands. We have collected night light ideas to inspire you. Check out further!

Mason Jar Night Light

Mason jar night light


The kids will love seeing this mason jar night light in their room. It uses glow-in-the-dark paint that will make the room bright and clear. Using this lamp will not disturb the kids sleeping time. They will wake up fresh and happy. No darkness, no scarry.

Plastic Bottle Night Lamp

It is a fun-looking robot that boys will love. Making this night lamp will not need a lot of money. You only need to collect some plastic bottles. Then, shape them to make the arms, legs, and other body parts. Put this lamp in the boy’s room. So, he will sleep better.

DIY Pineapple Night Lamp

Use a mason jar to make this cool night lamp. Wrap it with yellow paper and add black sharpies. This lamp will brighten up the kid’s room and make it more decorative. Furthermore, you will bring a summer feel inside. What do you think? Do you wish to have this lamp for your room too?

DIY Styrofoam Cup Nightlights

Can you believe that awesome night lights are made of cups? Look at the picture! Those made of styrofoam cups. Just paint the cup with a base color. Then, paint again with stars, moon, or other decorative drawings. It looks so cool even for a nursery room, right?

DIY Paper Night Light

Paper can do many things for your room decoration. Using paper to make a night light is a great idea. It is so super cheap and easy. You only need to cut a piece of paper and customize it with other accessories. Moreover, you can directly remove it to change with other styles. 

DIY Firefly Night Light

A wrapping lampshade can make an incredible night light. Add fabric shapes to make it more eye-catching. Once the light is on, it will look fun and pretty. Nothing can be more interesting than decorating your room with this beautiful night lamp.


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