A clutter environment can distract your work. All you need is a good organizer to store your useful stuff and also can be a great decoration items for your work space. These DIY project ideas will keep yup home office organized that is perfect for any work space (even homeĀ  office).

Cardboard Box Desk Organizers


Keep your drawer utilize and neat with this cardboard box to store your writing stuff and other items, so you can have much space to keep many items in your drawer.

Minimal Desk Organizer


This minimal but brilliant DIY desk organizer from wood is the perfect way to organize your work office in a sleek and clean way.

Stacked Desk Organizers

What you need to make these incredible wooden boxes is wooden boxes, markers to label the boxes, pencils and washi tape. You can use this wooden boxes asĀ  lovely decor element to your work space and keep your space clean.

Wooden Desk Organizer

Every inch of your space is valuable, especially vertical space. maximize your vertical space with this DIY wooden desk organizer to keep your important items at hand. This project is perfect to help you tackle the chaos that always spread everywhere.

Hanging Desk Organizer

Or try this hanging desk organizer to keep your stuff and also make it as a beautiful wall decor.

Color Block Desk Organizers

Create a personal collection for your narrow desk with this modern and charming color block desk organizer.

Wood Block Desk Organizer


This wooden block is the perfect idea to hold the most important stationery and your phone. Transform your wooden plank into a custom desk caddy that is so simple and easy to make.

Corner Desk Organizer

Use your corner space by adding corner desk organizer to store your notebook or working paper that made from wire dish rack and wood sheet. You can spray paint the wood sheet to match the color with your theme.

Mountain Desk Organizer

If you have a mountain of stationary, this DIY project is the answer for your solution. This organizer have a designated place for each and every item of your stationary.

DIY Wooden Business Card Holder

Keep your business cards neat and organized with this easy to make wooden business card holder that make you easier to grab it and hand out the next time you need it.

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