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DIY Decoration: How to Present Maximalist Design to Your House

For you who don’t want to be limited in expressing yourself in your home decoration, applying the maximalist decoration is the best thing you do. You can put your own perspective without being worried about the decoration limitations or afraid if the things that you apply are too much. With maximalist decoration, you can apply as many colors as possible, as many patterns as possible, and even apply many different textures in one room. However, you should consider its appropriateness and balance so that the decoration won’t be overserving and is still proper not only for you but also for the whole family member and even your guests. Anyway, since maximalist decoration is about bringing your character into the house, then it will be great if you decorate your own house by doing some DIY projects. Is it possible? The answer is ‘yes’. You can find some materials and items at the store or you can make them yourself and then arrange them together in the house based on your own taste and perspective. Also, don’t forget about the ‘balance’! Here are some ideas and advice for you who want to start decorating your own maximalist home decor.

1. Combining the colors

Basically, the maximalist design style has its own color choices which range in vibrant colors such as yellow, orange, blue, red, etc. The colors are mostly standout and cheerful. You can combine the colors by choosing some of those colors. If you don’t want to make it looks too much, you can choose one color as the color scheme and then layer it with the color but in different tones.

This decoration uses orange as the color scheme the layers it with the same orange color but in different shades. The orange color is applied to the rug, sofa, cushions, wall gallery, and decorative vase. Vibrant Color Combination from @the_shoestring_home

2. Playing with Patterns

There are so many patterns that you can combine for your maximalist decoration from geometric patterns, lines, dots, floral, etc. In choosing the patterns, you may consider the colors you already have there so that everything applied there can be balanced and not overserving.

There are so many patterns applied here, mostly in lines. Look at how unique the wall where the pattern is created with hand painting. You can surely express your imagination there. Pattern Combination from @prettypocketprojects

3. Do the Layering

There are some possible layering that you can do. It can be from the colors, pattern, and texture. The texture itself can be found on furniture or home accessories such as jute rugs and wool throw blankets. Doing the layering is such a fun thing to do where you can mix and match and apply things that you think are the most aesthetic and right based on your needs and taste.

This decoration applies pattern layering, color layering, and texture layering. Here, each item has a different color and texture. Then, the pattern is also applied to some other items. The combination is a bit simple for a maximalist design but still proper for sure. Layering Decor from @kristisnarsky

4. Providing Gallery

Arts become the part of maximalist decoration that can be separated. It is known that almost all maximalist homes apply the arts in the decoration. You can make it yourself such as a painting, frame for your photos, or other art projects that you are capable enough to make.

Making a wall gallery is not that difficult. You can even make the products to be displayed yourself. Look at the varied kinds of artwork there where some of them can be created easily. You can watch the tutorial on Youtube or other resources that you like. Wall Gallery from @alittlebitoflottie


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