Do you have thousands of makeup essentials collections? Here, the ideas of makeup boxes below role as your organizer solution perfectly.

Leopard And Decoupage Makeup Box

Leopard and decoupage makeup box Intensively Inexpensive DIY Makeup Boxes And Holders IdeasLeopard and decoupage makeup box Intensively Inexpensive DIY Makeup Boxes And Holders Ideas


Leopard and decoupage makeup boxes can really save your time when you are getting ready. This DIY makeup organizer box can easily make at home and you can enjoy a smart solution to your makeup storage problems. The items needed for this makeup box are a small drawer box organizer, paintbrushes, glitter cardstock, gold shimmer leopard faux suede trim, and a cutting machine.

Wizarding Organizer Box

Wizarding organizer box Intensively Inexpensive DIY Makeup Boxes And Holders Ideas


If there are harry potter fan girls around you, making them this wizarding organizer box will be the best gift idea forever. It will hold all of your makeup products and accessories. The materials you need to create this project are a small hack saw for taking apart your original box, acrylic paint (antique white, gold, green, blue, burgundy), small shallow containers for paint, narrow paintbrushes, antique white and burgundy spray paint, painters tape, tags, metallic gold paint marker, pencil, ruler, antique wax, and small ring drawer pulls.

Handmade Wooden Makeup Box

Look at this perfect wooden makeup box project to organize your makeup style if you love working with wood. This gorgeous wooden makeup box is the best thing to make as a gift too for your friends. It will be handmade, totally durable, and robust to store your makeup for a very long time. Here, you can put this in your bedroom or bathroom.

Shoe Box Makeup Organizer

If you have some empty shoeboxes lying around, then it is time to make the most out of them with these pretty shoe box makeup organizers. Yes, exactly, these lovely and totally functional makeup organizer boxes are made by putting together the shoe boxes. Look at the shoeboxes that have been spray-painted in gold to turn out so magically gorgeous. The supplies you need are spray paint, scissors, a craft knife, a hot glue gun with glue, shoeboxes, and tops.

DIY Flowery Makeup Brush Box

It is time to bring beauty into your dressing table with these adorable and handmade DIY makeup brush boxes. These pretty makeup boxes are easy and fun to make with just a little crafty work. The wooden boxes here are decorated with vinyl floral paper and turn out to be super gorgeous and fun. The supplies you need are tacky glue, a wooden box, floral vinyl, a pretty drawer pull, and paint.


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