A little action in your laundry room will give a huge impact. You can follow the ideas below to save space and money for your laundry room. All the ideas are collected on DIY Little Action But Big Impact For Your Laundry Room Ideas.

Laundry Bag

The first idea will go to a laundry bag that will serve you an easily store then you can transport your laundry bag. This laundry offers you a durable shoulder strap that you can decorate with a hand-painted washing symbol and the word wash underneath. The materials you need to create this laundry bag are a bag, pencil, fabric paint, and a paintbrush.

Dryer List Decal

Dryer list decal DIY Little Action But Big Impact For Your Laundry Room Ideas


If you are forgetful, this idea will help you to solve your problem. This dryer list decal helps you prevent laundry mistakes when someone puts the wrong item in the dryer. For example, sweaters that could shrink or a dress that needs to be hung to dry. Moreover, you can make this dryer list decal by yourself at home. One more thing, do not forget to put on your dry-erase marker.

Hanging Clothespin Bag

This hanging clothespin bag will keep all your clothespins together. So, once you want to hang your clothes on a drying rack or outdoors on a clothesline, you can use this bag. Besides, this DIY clothespin bag can be hung up on your clothesline or drying rack. Moreover, it has a large opening so you can reach in and grab clothespins as you set your laundry to dry. The materials you need are child-sized wooden coat hanger, canvas fabric, bias tape, small plate or lid, pen, ruler, scissors, sewing machine, and general sewing supplies.

DIY Drying Rack Tutorial

This idea will save space in your laundry room when you hang your delicate clothes to dry on this wall-mounted drying rack. Besides, you can pull DIY down from the wall and lay the clothes over the rods or bottom hooks. Moreover, it offers you a laundry room essential item that is useful all the time to let your clothes air dry.







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