The cozy and colorful look of your kid’s bedroom is obviously incomplete without shimmer and glow. Make your kids comfortable with the dark by installing beautiful and creative DIY nightlight ideas below.

Cupcake Flower Light

DIY Night Light Ideas To Make Your Kids Comfortable With The Dark


DIY flower lights made out of paper. It is inspired by blooms around the town. The materials you need to create this flower light are large and small cupcake papers, string lights, scissors, and an Exacto knife.

Fabric Star Night Light

DIY Night Light Ideas To Make Your Kids Comfortable With The Dark


Fabric star night light is so adorable to fulfill your need for the kids. These night lights are destined to not only add a glow to your kid’s room but will also lighten up the entire bedtime experience in every second. The supplies you will need for this project are scissors, thread, pin, fabric, star pattern, and LED string.

Fox Night Light

Fox night light will definitely make nighttime an exciting adventure for your little one! The materials you need are old fabric, string light, brush, scissors, needle, thread, fur, and mod podge plain fabric stiffener. You will basically brush the stiffener on thick and let it dry. So, it will turn the fabric into a hard shell.

Mason Jar Night Light

The mason jar glitter lamp is fun to look at, very cost-effective, and easy to make. This nightlight will surely add a nice glow and shimmer to your kid’s bedroom. Besides, kids will enjoy the magic glow of nightlights by their bed at night! The materials you need are Mod Podge Gloss, food coloring, glitter, mason jar, paintbrush, and battery-operated tealight candle.

Swan Night Light

This easy and cost-effective swan night light is made out of a swan-shaped planet and string lights. It is destined to bring your little girl’s room to life! Moreover, your little princess would surely love this cute DIY nightlight. Here, you will also need a bit of tape to secure the end up inside the neck. After that, plug it in and you are done!

Olaf Night Light

Do you want to build a snowman? Well, this little gorgeous Olaf snowman will never melt, in fact, he glows! The supplies you need are 2 recycled polystyrene cups, sticky tape, 2 brown pipe cleaners, googly eyes, sharpie marker pens, a small section of the range, a black card, battery operated tea light.


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