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DIY Easy Leather Luggage Tags That You Can Make and Sell

Are you a traveler? One of the most important things in traveling is luggage. And, something that can improve your luggage look is luggage tags. You can make luggage tags by hand with a DIY leather project. There are many styles that will match your luggage. In this section, we are going to show your our lists of DIY leather luggage tags that anyone can make and you can even sell online. Furthermore, you can add your own personal touch. Check out the ideas below to inspire you!

Colorful Leather Tags

Colorful leather tags


Spruce up your luggage will not be a problem anymore. Rather than makeover your old bag or luggage, it will be better to add a simple tag. These colorful leather tags look nice for any luggage. Even for kids and teenagers. Cool!

Leather Tag With A Visit Card

Adding this tag will be a great idea. The visit card with floral lining is something you need to look cute and chic. No matter what size you make, make sure that the flower and leather have a similar color. It deals with how it will change your luggage look.

Cute Round Leather Tags

In the picture, round leather tags look pretty cute for luggage. The creator stitches the edge to give a special appearance. Then, the thread makes it more eye-catching. See the window at the center of them that cute and chic.

Mark Your Backpack

If you are going somewhere with no one who knows you, it will be much better to mark your backpack. There is much similar luggage that looks like yours. If someone finds your losing backpack and reads the name, it will easier for them to give it back to you.

Dipped Leather Luggage Tag

Isn’t it pretty cute for your bag? The dipped leather luggage tells us more about the owner’s name and phone number. Then, the pom makes it cute and eye-catching. This tag looks better for a kid bag but teenagers are allowed to use it too.

Chic Luggage Tag Of Two Parts

A chic luggage tag with a visit card inside will help others to identify your backpack. The tag shows the owner‘s name beautifully. Feel free to customize the size and color. However, it will be nice to choose neutral colors.

Watercolor Trend Luggage Tag

The watercolor looks cute and its monogram seems so fabulous. It is not hard to make this leather luggage tag. What a simple project to do, isn’t it?

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