Ladybugs are cute. Ask your kids to make ladybugs this week. They will love them so much. Red and black colors are eye-catching. And, adding ladybugs to their room will be a great idea. Furthermore, the materials used are affordable. You don’t need to spend a lot of money. In this article, we have collected DIY ladybug crafts that are easy to copy. Let your kids show their expression in making these awesome kids’ crafts. Check out the ideas below and have fun!

Cute Ladybug Mug

Cute ladybug mug


What a cool craft is this! The mug is so eye-catching with different colors of ladybugs. Well. In this mug, we don’t only see a red ladybug, there are pink and blue ladybugs. Those are cute in the mug. Sure, you can make this cute ladybug mug with your kids too.

Ladybug Baseball Hat

Cool, isn’t it? A red hat with black polka dots is what you need to have a ladybug baseball hat. You are free to add eyes to make it more interesting. Wearing this hat for playing baseball will save your face from direct sunlight.

Creative Ladybug Jar

This creative ladybug jar is nice. Just draw the ladybug on the cup. Then, decorate it with a ribbon with colorful polka dots. This jar will look more eye-catching. And, your kids will love it too. Store any small things here to get your kids’ room free from clutter.

Ladybug from Egg Carton

Cut the cup of your egg carton. Then, paint it with red color, or you may use other colors, to make the body. After that, add eyes and ears. This craft is easy and cheap. Even, a DIY newbie can finish this in less than an hour.

Ladybug Painted Rocks

They look so cute on the ground, right? Choose the pebble with round or oval shapes. Then, paint them in any color you want. Add black polka dots to look like the real ladybugs. After that, put those ladybug rocks in the garden. don’t you want to meet the real ladybug? They are cute.

DIY Toilet Paper Roll Ladybug

Toilet paper rolls are versatile to make any crafts. In this section, we will use it to make a ladybug. Paint the paper roll black. Then, make the wings from red paper. Add black polka dots from black paper. Attach the wings to the body. That’s all. We have made the cute ladybug from an unused paper roll.

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