Do your kids love to read books every day? Or do you just want to start to introduce the advantage of reading a book? So, by that, you are a must to have a bookshelf for your kids’ books.

Classic Bookshelf Upgrade

Classic bookshelf upgrade Eternal DIY Kid Bookshelf Ideas That Will Boost A Desire To Read More


First, let us go to the classic upgrade bookshelf. It is more like an antique appeal that gets to match the modern aesthetic to impress the kid. You see the inclined shelf there is sure to add a definite outlook with a helpful organization.

Bench Book Storage

Bench book storage Eternal DIY Kid Bookshelf Ideas That Will Boost A Desire To Read More


Bench book storage is another example of recycling crates with extended usability for kids. There is a steady plastic that gets to remain attached to one another and provides brief storage. Here, your kids can utilize the top section for a bench then take the books for a read. The supplies you need for this project are six plastic rectangle milk crates and a crib mattress.

Rain Gutter Bookshelf

To create this bookshelf, skip rotting scrap wood for a durable plastic gutter to hold a lightweight kid’s book. The materials you need for this bookshelf are rain gutter, measuring tape, pencil or pen, jigsaw, paint, paintbrush, medium to fine-grit sandpaper, drill, and drywall screws.

Kids’ Book Bin

For this project, you can repurpose the empty space of your old table to keep kids close to the hands. Besides, a kid bookshelf or bin like this is pretty simple yet requires slight modification for the existing design. Then, the supplies you need are wood, measuring tape, saw, drill, drill bits, wood glue, removable wallpaper, paint, painter’s tape, furniture legs, and hardware.

House-Shaped Bookshelf

A house-shaped bookshelf is sure to initiate an impression for your little kid to organize their lovely books. The materials you need to create this bookshelf are thick MDF, wood screws, glue, paint, thick plywood, and drywall filler. Next, the tools you need are a table saw and a router table. Drill press, sander, measuring tape, square, putter knife, hammer, Forstner bit, and Claw wood.

Wall Bookshelf

This wall bookshelf will hold the bedtime storybooks. It uses a slim wall-side shelf in your kid’s room that not only saves on space, holds tons of books, but also makes it easy for your kids to pick out their favorite. The materials you need are wood, baseboard trim, brad nails, and wood glue.

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