Birthdays are a special day for every individual, and surely you want to spend your birthday with the people you love, and you want something more personal and unique to celebrate with them. You can plan whatever you want to make your birthday memorable and more personal again, and we recommend some DIY ideas for decorating your birthday party. Here are 9 DIY ideas for easy birthday decoration, so everyone can do it!

  1. Windmill paper


Use colorful paper or magazine paper that color matches the theme of your birthday.

  1. Flower vases with colorful water


Make a nice view on the table with a little water, food coloring and fresh flowers.

  1. Decorative ornamental hats


Give it to your party hats, stick your knick knacks according to your creativity, and everyone who comes to your party should use them!

  1. Background balloon


Take some balloons and ribbons and then start working! This is a perfect way to add crowds and colors without being overwhelming.

  1. Glitter vase


Use a clear vase, and put glitter in it, this will create a beautiful and feminine atmosphere and a little romance as well!

  1. Ice cream hangers


Who does not like ice cream? This ice cream decoration can be made very easily by using party lanterns and paperboard.

  1. Donut balloon


Pick up paint and tissue paper to stick on your balloons. This will make your balloons look very funny and interesting.

  1. Ornamental wax


Do not forget the birthday candles, decorate birthday candles with glitter. Use your imagination to make it look more attractive.

  1. Glitter Balloon


That you need to make this balloon is just a balloon, thick glitter and a little glue. The way you blow your balloon then seal all the parts with glue, and finally sprinkle glitter all over the part.


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