It is the right time to celebrate your baby’s first October 31 with the most adorable, memorable, and unforgettable costume ever. Therefore, all the ideas of baby Halloween costumes are collected in DIY Insanely Cute Baby Halloween Costume Ideas You Can Make This Weekend.

Baby Dobby The Elf Costume

Baby dobby the elf costume DIY Insanely Cute Baby Halloween Costume Ideas You Can Make This Weekend


It is a symbol of calling all Harry Potter-loving parents, yes! The supplies to create this baby dobby elf costume are nylons, felt, hot glue or sewing machine, and an old pillowcase or cream fabric. By seeing the supplies and briefly take a look at the shape, it is not too much if we say this project is pretty easy to copy as your weekend project to celebrate Halloween.

DIY Strawberry Halloween Costume

This sweet fruit-inspired costume will make your baby have a cute enough to eat as a Halloween costume. To create this costume, you can start with a red onesie, add small white felt simples to it with fabric-tac or hot glue. After that, you can have the socks that chopped to make into the high socks. Then complete the look with a leaf collar and leaf hat.

Baby Chick Halloween Costume Idea

Baby chick halloween costume idea DIY Insanely Cute Baby Halloween Costume Ideas You Can Make This Weekend


This little chick is showing how cute your little one is with this costume in Halloween celebration. DO not start to create this costume without preparing the materials. Well, the materials are a yellow onesie, orange tights, glue, feather, and a yellow pilot’s cap.

Baby Owl Costume

Who would not love to wear this fluffy costume for their baby this Halloween? This costume is not only cute but with the no-sew project, but it also brings the costume to life. Now, the supplies you need are long sleeve onesie, white diaper cover, bloomers, leggings, white felt, fabric scissors, glue gun, white craft feathers, and a nylon headband.

Baby Fish Costume

If your baby now will face Halloween for the first time, this baby fish costume could be one of the options. It looks cozy and also adorable. Therefore, the materials you need are white infant sleeping gown, rit liquid purple dye, purple, green, aqua felt, iridescent material, permanent fabric glue, a small Styrofoam ball, black sticky felt, purple stretchy headband, and a hot glue gun.

Little Flower Costume

This costume is so adorable and memorable. Do not be worry because you can create this costume at home by preparing some supplies. The supplies are a hot glue gun, felt in two shades of green, a needle and thread, an adorable head-flower, a stretchy headband, and an old onesie.

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